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Yoshi Rahm D.O. – Glendale/Montros, California

I’m Dr. Yoshi Rahm and I use integrative medicine to empower you toward your optimal health.  Integrative medicine is what I call the intelligent combination of conventional western allopathic medicine and natural holistic alternative medicine.  It’s the best of both worlds!  With my double board certifications in both Family Medicine as well as Integrative holistic Medicine along with multiple other healing medical certifications, I use evidence-based medicine to discover and treat the root cause of illness and disease.  This is the key to finding true health.

Your healing is my goal.  Your vitality is my goal.  There is a plethora of medicinal healing options out there.  How do you choose what conventional or natural treatment to try?  You having a meaningful doctor-patient relationship is my goal.  Together, we will decide which healing approach is best for you.  My job is to teach and educate you.  Empower you so that you can take charge of your health.  I look forward to creating your optimal health together!

For more information, visit my website at www.DrYoshi.com or call the office at 818.957.6909.


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