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Yolanda Gianoli – California, USA

My name is: Yolanda Gianoli, I live in Modesto, California, USA, but I was born in Guatemala, Central America.  I made changes in my lifestyle and for my own experience, I can say that, it works! I feel healthier and haven't been in a hospital in years. I want to help others to improve their health, that's the reason why I decided to become a Health Couch. I had the opportunity to take other curses like; Iridiology as a form of diagnostic and hydrotherapy as well, that helped me to increase my knowledge to help others, not only among the Hispanic community in their own language, but to anybody who would like to make a a difference in his/ her lifestyle.
I offer a Truly Heal Evaluation, Couching support, information and knowledge, that will guide you in your effort to improve your health and lifestyle changes. It's important to take responsibility for our health in order to prevent illness and pain. The Truly Heal Evaluation, offers a complete Holistic approach, that will help to find deficiencies and weaknesses in the; physical, mental, and emotional areas of our lives, and how to improve them. Many chronic diseases can be prevented through lifestyle changes.
I can offer consultations in English and Spanish language.  I hope to work with you, and helping you in this journey.
You can contact me at:

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