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William Bisset – Timaru, New Zealand

William Bisset – The Brilin Clinic Timaru

William specialises in Functional & Energy Medicines including RIFE, Asyra Biofeedback Heath Screening, Bioptron Light therapies, PEMF, Ozone, OligoScan and Hyperthermia Chamber.

Realising the 85-95% correlation between the mind and chronic illness, William is also a Certified Master NLP practitioner which he uses to help improve the quality of his clients thinking and emotions.  William operates the Bio-Feedback Health Assessments (Asyra) which can show signatures of imbalances in the body, such as Toxins, Heavy Metals, Hormones etc. Overall, William is extremely caring and dedicated to his professional and clients.

The popular Brilin Centre which is recognised as one of the more advanced bio-energetic and resonant frequency centres in the southern hemisphere attracting clients from around the world. We network with holistic doctors and scientists from around the world and are dedicated to the support of those with health problems and chronic conditions such as cancer.

Feel free to contact William or the Brilin Team

M +64226009004

P 036881661

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