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Which Treatment is best for MY particular disease?

We all want to be special. Even when we have a disease. “I have a very rare form of cancer. The doc told me mine is one in 10000 !!!! “.

I am joking, but only a little bit, because most people use their pathology like an achievement batch to discuss how sick they are. They discuss in forums and with friends all those complicated Latin names which usually mean I have no idea how to treat this disease. All of these names have been invented in the past 60 years to justify the many new drugs that have been invented. 50 drugs for 1 newly named disease seems to be just.

100 years ago they had only 3 / 5 diseases if we do not consider STRESS as one of them.

  • Deficiency, (mal-nutrition)
  • Toxicity
  • Infections
  • Acidity (modern disease based on bad nutrition)
  • Lack of oxygen. (modern disease based on lack of movement and exercise)

Toxicity and Infections are today even worse than 50 or 80 years ago because of antibiotic resistant bugs, destroyed DNA and gut biome and over 80000 toxins which we have been released into our environment.

Did you know that all doctors agree that it is 100 times harder today to treat cancer successfully compared to just 20 years ago to times of Hula Clark and Max Gerson. We have become so toxic and so laden with chronic infections that it is very hard to even deal with the root cause.

That's why no treatment can ever work as long as you do not remove these root causes and deal with them responsibly.


In our own attempt to heal we have always tried to save money by finding therapies that combine multiple factors into one and the same.

  • Hyperthermia is of all treatments probably the most versatile and complex therapy. It boosts the immune system, increases white blood cell count, detoxifies from both heavy metals, petrochemicals and chemical toxins as well as from the neuro toxins of pathogens. Hyperthermia and oxygenates the body like no other therapy. Additionally it flags both pathogens and cancer cells with heat shock proteins making them visible for your dramatically increased and powered  immune cells.  It's an all rounder and the strongest therapy possible for home use.
  • Ozone also covers many aspects as it kills pathogens and cancer cells, protects the body from further infections, flags pathogens with heat shock proteins and oxygenates the body dramatically. That Ozone also detoxifies petrochemicals and other chemicals is also very beneficial.  The activation of NRF2 which is your self healing mechanism adds another benefit to the program which is very powerful.

These 2 therapies combined with good diet, supplementation and some targeted cancer therapies are your best and cheapest way to defeat almost any disease. Add some stress management and you will see life is wonderful.

  • Awesome basic advice. Good for all. Love your practical approach to health and enriching the terrain which is us.

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