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Which Rife Combo Is Best For YOU?

The base model of the BCX ULTRA Deluxe is the foundation of any rife clinic. This device is super powerful on it's own and allows you to treat any infections and degenerative disease. The 2 Plasma Wands allow you to treat safely any infection in your mouth, ears, genitals locally or systemically.

Once you feel the results you can always add other accessories to the mix to make the therapy more effective.


If you plan to use the BCX ULTRA Deluxe in a group or with the whole family then this is your choice. The Big double bubble plasma tube is so powerful that you can easily treat 10 or more people at the same time. Those who sit close have maximum effects while those further back will have less impact. this is great for newbies where you want to avoid a big herxheimer reaction when too many pathogens die off all at once.

The benefit is that you still have a device which can be used for a single user with plasma tubes for intense local therapy but also in the group setting.

BCX Ultra with Heavy Duty Double Bubble Beam Tubes

Far infrared is known on its own as a healing energy. Warmth increases blood circulation, detoxification, oxygen uptake and immune stimulation. In many cultures hot stones are used to radiate heat into areas that are tense, stiff, inflamed and sore. Far infrared waves penetrate into the body and heat blood vessels and blood alike and therefore increase blood circulation in the heated area. This expedites healing in a strong way.

Combining FIR with Rife frequencies is the ideal way to treat infections which are in the blood or locally inflamed areas. You can also treat joints very effectively like shoulders, neck, elbows and knees and combine 2 powerful therapies into one.  The heat opens the pathway for the rife frequencies to effect the body much faster.

BCX Ultra with Far Infrared Pad

PEMF is known to be a charging station for empty body batteries. If you feel low in energy and need a recharge then PEMF is the ideal solution for you. Healing requires a lot of energy which is induced with PEMF into the body.

The large full body mat powered by a PEMF controller allows you to use Rife frequencies to penetrate deep into the body and recharge every cell via electroporation. The rife frequencies that are modulated over the base pulse of 6.95 Herz add a very intense effect especially for Lyme patients. Any infectious disease patient will find the pain reduction most helpful and the added energy to heal and fight the disease most effective.

Combining the BCX ULTRA with a PEMF mat is perfect to wrap yourself into the mat for a recharge and to penetrate the body with very effective frequencies that kill bacteria and virus alive.

For local treatments you also have the plasma wands to clear infections with a targeted therapy.

BCX Ultra with PEMF mat

We all know that detoxification is key to any healing process. Whether you need to detoxify heavy metals or neuro-toxins from pathogens or chemical and petrochemical toxins, to eliminate them all is key.

A great way to stimulate such a detox is my activating all of your detox organs. This can be done most effectively with a rife footpath. Rife frequencies induced into the body via the soles of your feet stimulate your hepatic and renal system and increase blood circulation for an enhanced detox. If you combine this Rife detox with a good supplementation and possibly a sauna you will see results in a very short time.

For local treatments you also have the plasma wands to clear infections with a targeted therapy.

BCX Ultra with Titanium Footbath

This combo is the ideal Bundle for healers, therapists and this who seek the most intense therapies Rife has to offer. Individuals who need energy to heal will enjoy the best of all 3 worlds in this bundle.

BCX ULTRA HEALER Bundle -Inclusive FIR Pad, PEMF Mat / FREE Microcurrent Fabrics, FREE LED Facial Wands

If you treat individuals as well as groups this combo has it all. Local targeted therapy for individuals as well as group therapies for lyme. HIV, Cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. You can vary dependent on the client your therapy most effectively and individualise your therapy based on their body type and needs.

This combo is more powerful than many others combined and has no side effects, no contraindications and yields results.

BCX ULTRA POWER Bundle – All inclusive Double Bubble, FIR Pad, PEMF Mat, Titanium Foot Bath, HP LED's / FREE Microcurrent Fabrics, FREE LED Facial Wands, 


(8-Part Video Course) ​with the BCX ULTRA Deluxe

Learn how to combine Rife Frequencies with Far Infrared, PEMF, Plasma Tubes, Foot Bath, Laser and Electrodes to achieve maximum results.

  • Are there programs for Crohn’s disease – in particular for MAP infection?

    Is the device totally programmable so that one can enter frequencies that are not necessarily part of pre-programmed algorithm?

  • David Clark says:

    Where did the people who came up with the frequencies come up with frequencies that are not microbe oriented? I.E., calming, digestive, muscle, etc. I understand that they hit different microbes with FQs and watched them destruct to know which one to use, but how do they know what FQs are proper for some of these other non-microbe parameters? Please don’t say it is guess work!

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