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Jennifer Kimberley

By Jennifer Kimberley

To tell your cancer who's the boss, try three weeks at Germany’s Arcadia Clinic near Kassel.

  • Attentive doctors and staff, that you see almost every day for a consultation or group session;
  • Doctors who really care and who search for all possible causes of the problem — how can you effectively treat an illness without knowing what caused it?
  • No hype or false promises – just because a cancer treatment is loudly touted on the internet doesn’t mean it will be any good for you, so why waste good money on it?
  • Hyperthermia, an induced-fever treatment banned in many countries because it’s so effective in getting your immune system back on its feet;
  • Many other treatments chosen for your individual case;
  • Beautiful countryside around the picturesque town where you can relax away from your usual daily stress. There is a spa right next door with a swimming pool and all the luxury of a million $$$$$$$ holiday;
  • Comfortable accommodation in situ and excellent anti-cancer meals under the guidance of a doctor who has specialized in nutrition;

My cancer is chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), diagnosed in November 2001. By the time I arrived at the Arcadia Clinic on June 29 2014, I’d had 8 years on leukemia pills; 2 years on alternative cancer protocols; 8 months at an Arizona cancer clinic, and two stem cell treatments in Thailand, all interspersed with bits of time on just some supplements and attempts at sugar avoidance.

Everything helped a bit but was not the big breakthrough. I was hoping that the Arcadia doctors would build on the recently improved healthcare brought into my life by Marcus and Sabrina Freudenmann, through their TrulyHeal program.

June 29 was a sunny Sunday and the scenic 2-hour drive from Frankfurt airport to Bad Emstal put me into major healing-reception mode. “Bad” means “spa”.

The clinic’s move from Kassel to Bad Emstal was still ongoing so there were bits of timber, coils of cable, and busy workmen everywhere. I liked the industry of it – each day there were things finished, things in place, and that’s what I needed to do with my health. During this early stage of the new clinic opening there were just a few patients as all the bedrooms were not ready. It was hotel-like accommodation with the bedrooms upstairs over the reception area and treatment rooms, and a third level downstairs with more treatment rooms.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF)

To my excitement, the PEMF machine was always available downstairs. Using it is so easy and I relaxed with it at night, enjoying the silence and peace after each busy day. PEMF is like a battery recharge and is very beneficial for any cancer sufferer. With every treatment I felt my body gaining more and more energy in order to truly heal.


Every weekday I had either local or full-body hyperthermia, gently and carefully administered by one of the Arcadia nurses. This treatment is amazingly effective for any illness, not just cancer. It gets all the white killer cells steamed up, ready to attack any invading pathogens, including cancer cells. Hyperthermia is delivered along with oxygen and IV vitamin C – the “three-point cancer cure” developed by Otto Warburg back before WWII. It’s illegal in most countries because of its effectiveness.

There are many types of cancer and Arcadia provides customized treatment plans, but all cancers have this in common: that the immune system is overloaded. Most of us are so weighed down with toxins that our immunity is swamped and might even have shut down altogether, as mine had. Hyperthermia will wake it up and at the same time, it's one of the most effective detox treatments.

  • Full-body hyperthermia starts out with a nice hot foot bath. It then takes 45 to 60 minutes to heat you up to fever temperature and you remain there for the rest of the time.  You do get very sweaty but there’s a nurse with you all the time offering sips of cool water and mopping off your face and head with a cold cloth. Your temperature is of course monitored and you can see it rising on the computer monitor. Mine usually reached about 39.5C. After my first full-body hyperthermia, I felt a strange movement in my belly, a change, like the white cells waking up, starting to move around. Now, 5 months later, my immune system has tested at 71% active — a huge improvement over the old sluggishness.
  • Local hyperthermia takes 60 minutes and targets tumors. In my case, since blood cancers have no tumors, it was applied to my whole torso, where most of our immune system operates. A nurse checks on you periodically but it’s relatively relaxing and raises your body temperature more moderately than full-body hyperthermia.
  • Ozone Treatments

  • These are fast and you don't feel anything at all. But obviously they work dramatically. Ozone, an oxidizer,  kills all pathogens in the body and deals with all viral and bacterial infections that may have been lurking in your body for  years.

Testing – So Important!

Most days, I had an hour with a doctor, usually Dr. Henning or Dr. Clemens. They listened, answered fully, gave me printouts to read, and made suggestions. They also tested a lot more than any other clinic I was at, before coming to Germany. Some of the most important tests were:

  • Nutrigenomic DNA test: If you have not had this before going to Arcadia, they will arrange it for you. I had it done while I was in Denver, before going to Arcadia. It is the mother of all tests! It needs doing only once in your life and it will supply enormously valuable information, probably indicating the need for some further tests. In this way, you can get a clear picture of what is going well in your body, what is blocked, what health problems could develop if you don't take preventive steps, and much more.
  • A food sensitivity test: A big shocker. I was allergic to several foods that I had eaten almost every day for years, such as eggs, garlic (a great anti-cancer food), dairy products, all nuts, and most seeds. Avoiding them all in the 5 months since I had this test has cleared and relaxed my digestive system immensely, and that is the upside of this test — you'll get answers to why you may have had ongoing digestive problems for some time.
  • Comprehensive stool test: Bacterial dysbiosis is almost as dangerous as environmental toxins because these bacteria produce toxic gas which can be the sole cause of cancer. In my case this was luckily not too bad.
  • Comprehensive blood tests: If you have not been tested before,  Arcadia will give you tests for many important nutrients, such as Vitamin D3, Zinc, Selenium, intracellular Magnesium,  and 25 other essential minerals. A leukemia patient would also have several CBCs, complete blood counts to assess platelet, red cell, and white cell levels. Many other blood tests are available, such as High sensitivity CRP (C-reactive protein) and Homocysteine to assess your body's degree of inflammation.
  • Toxicity tests: to find your heavy metal toxicity. I was very high in Mercury and Aluminium. Different measures are taken depending on which heavy metals are too high. We are all exposed to this danger these days and it's wise to get a handle on your individual involvement.
  • Stress Test: this is done with a heart rate variability scanner.

In my 4 years of learning and searching for a cancer cure I have never come across doctors who are so through and diligent in finding all the things that made me sick. You'll find that one problem after another will be first confirmed with tests and then treated with the best treatments possible.  The focus is not so much on the cancer as on establishing a body milieu that will enable you to heal in your own way.

Possible Downsides For Some

International travel to get to Arcadia might be difficult. Perhaps it could be hard to get a three-week break from your commitments. Or one might have a problem finding the money for the 21-day retreat. But if cancer isn’t a good reason to conquer these possible problems, I don’t know what is.

My blood tests since I was at Arcadia have been normal and I am grateful for all the help I received there. It has strongly renewed my determination to be cancer-free and clarified how to proceed in accomplishing that.

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