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Functional Medicine Training

For Coaches and Health Professionals

If you want to treat the patient who has the disease and get away from treating disease, this training will help you. Many doctors and clinicians call this process “Cause finding medicine” or “Functional medicine”. In this free 6 part video training, we will outline the process of functional medicine for you. Simply using the techniques shared in this video training will set you apart from the masses and help you streamline the process of helping your clients achieve lasting results.

Functional Medicine Training

For Patients and Caregivers

The best question to ask, if you want to prevent cancer is….


Once you are aware of all relevant causes that fit to your unique situation preventing is easy and healing has a new meaning and a clear direction.

hyperthermia fever treatment at home
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Which Rife Combo Is Best For YOU?

The base model of the BCX ULTRA Deluxe is the foundation of any rife clinic. This device is super powerful on it's own and allows you to treat any infections and degenerative disease. The 2 Plasma Wands allow you to treat safely any infection in your mouth, ears, genitals locally or systemically. Once you feel [...]

Rife Frequencies & Oral Galvanism = Mercury Poisoning

Corrosion attacks on twenty-two dental amalgam restorations after in vivo service have been studied by Scanning Electron Microscopy together with the Energy Dispersive X-Ray Technique, and by optical microscopy. From the measured depth and type of corrosion attack, estimates of released mercury amounts are made.

Acne Vulgaris: What Can You Do?

Acne is a multi-factorial inflammatory disease of the sebaceous follicles of the face, breast and upper region of the back, which predominantly affects adolescents. Acne is the most common of all skin conditions and approximately 80-95% of adolescents develop some degree of acne. Moderate to severe acne affects approximately 20% of adolescents and young adults. [...]

The benefits of using OZONE OILS

Oils have different composition of fatty acids, which results in different ozone concentrations, and ozone strengths of the oil. The more ozonides are incorporated into the specific oil, the stronger the healing properties of this oil are. A relative number called Potential Oxidative Index (POI) is used to quantify the strengths of the oils in comparison to the other oils.

Could DEFICIENCIES be causing your disease?

Our body requires nutrients to survive. They are the building blocks of all matter within our body. So to say nutrients are important is a massive understatement. Nutrients are the very core of our existence. However no other topic on earth seems to have as much controversy as nutrient intake (diet) does. It’s complex, its [...]

Can The Food You Eat Affect Your Mood?

What are neurotransmitters? Neurotransmitters are complex chemical messengers that coordinate clear communications between neurons in your brain cells and the rest of your body. These back and forth transmissions can influence nearly every cell, tissue and biological system in your body. Your brain has billions of nerve cells which make trillions of connections with each [...]

Six Lifestyle & Dietary Habits for Healthy Liver & Gallbladder Functions

Your liver plays an important role in keeping your body functioning, in fact it performs more than five hundred functions. The liver manufactures about half of our bodies cholesterol, most of it is made by the liver and used to create bile, a thick fluid which aids in our digestion. Cholesterol is also needed to [...]

Review of the new DCM3990 PEMF Device

DCM 3990 The new DCM3990 from PEMF Systems is a clinical or home device combining a very powerful 3990 Gauss ringer PEMF with a 5 step intensity settings into a practical unit that can be used in wellness or detox centres, in osteopathic and chiropractic clinics as well as in private homes. This latest update turns [...]


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