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All You Need to Know in One Documentary

Unfortunately there are many causes that can result in cancer. It is important that all of these are addressed in order to achieve true health. This documentary shows you all the causes as well as all the solutions in order to provide you with a road map to good health.

As you watch this documentary TRULY HEAL from CANCER I suggest you take a pen and paper and note all the things that are relevant for your own personal healing journey.

Marcus & Sabrina have a unique view of the world of healing cancer. They have captured it for you in this book. Nobody else in this world has their experience. After years of traveling worldwide and interviewing hundreds of doctors, researchers and cancer survivors, they are now ready to share their experience with you. Take this wonderful guide to health and healing and study it seriously. It will do much more than extend your lifespan!

Bill HendersonBestselling Author of
Cancer Free

What You'll Discover in TRULY HEAL from CANCER:

  • Avoid all Causes of Disease
    Learn what causes and promotes cancer. 
    Household Toxins, Food Toxins, Plastics, Vaccination, Environmental Toxins, Emotional Toxins, Overwhelmed by Life.
  • Supportive Treatments
    Exercise, Oxygen, Sunshine, Alkalinity, Healing Diet, Detoxification, Supplementation, Immune Boosters
  • How to Support Conventional Treatments
  • Mental Support
    The World is Changing, Healthy Habits, Motivation, Blessing for All Involved, It’s Time to Change
  • The Journey to Health
    Self-Responsibility, Victory is a Decision, Finding Good Support, A New Way of Healing, Healing is Possible, Your Body Heals Itself. 
  • How to Support Your Healing Powers
  • Non Toxic Medical Treatments
    How to select from the best non toxic treatment options that are available:
    Whole Body Hyperthermia, Local Hyperthermia, Ozone Treatment, Dental Treatments, Natural Remedies, Energy Medicine
  • How to Avoid Re-occurance

A Lifesaving Documentary for Everyone

Watching a video with your family and friends is a great way to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. All ages can benefit from this world class documentary TRULY HEAL from CANCER in a great way because it motivates the younger generation to prevent disease and helps those in need to find a safe and holistic path to health. Share this video with all those who want to make a conscious and common sense decision about their health. It’s a great motivation for all!

Healing For All Degenerative Diseases

Cancer indicates the final break down of your body’s immune system.
That’s why, when you treat cancer, ALL OTHER degenerative diseases disappear as well.

Treatments Discussed in TRULY HEAL from CANCER Can Be Beneficial For:

  • Healthy People
    wanting to boost their well being to new levels
  • Anyone
    who wants to increase their longevity and productivity and prevent and reverse cancer
  • Athletes
    to reach higher performance levels
  • Chronic Disease Sufferers
    Arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue, and many other debilitating diseases

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Charlotte Gerson Gerson Institute

“With the help of such world class documentaries like TRULY HEAL from CANCER we will finally be able to educate the public of all the wonderful cancer treatment options they really have.

Mike Adams Natural News

“TRULY HEAL from CANCER” is powerful enough to bring millions of people to alternative cancer treatments.

Robert Jay Rowen MD

“TRULY HEAL from CANCER is the best video on the subject my wife (Terri Su, MD) and I have seen.The video gives hope to people who otherwise are living with abject fear. We plan to show it in our office to new cancer patients!”

David Wolfe about TRULY HEAL from CANCER

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