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Tribute to a great Mentor and Friend – BILL HENDERSON

It is with great sadness that we say good bye to a great teacher and friend Bill Henderson. Bill passed away from natural causes in Cancun, Mexico, at the age of 84 on July 4, 2016. He and his wife Terry Henderson will always be remembered as one of the most wonderful people we met on our journey. We are eternally grateful to them for their support and friendship over the last years.

To keep Bill's teachings and memory alive we have gathered some of the video clips, we had recorded. Please find the video below.

Bill was a great teacher and always pointed out that health needs to be earned by removing the cause of disease and by living a healthy lifestyle. I am very thankful for Bill's inspiration to find the root cause of cancer rather than treating symptoms. His spark of thought will carry on in the work we do.

If you have not yet purchased the book of Bill please do so here to keep his hard work, inspiration and teachings alive.  www.beating-cancer-gently.com

Introduction of Bills Purpose

Drastic means to reverse cancer

Dental causes of cancer

Dietary causes of cancer

Immune Support to reverse cancer

Vitamin D3


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