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Treating Cancer Without a License

Would you like to “Treat Cancer Without a License”? This is what empowered patients do. They do not rely on expensive alternative clinics nor do they hand over responsibility to their oncologist. They take educated action and support their body to truly heal.

Cancer is not a disease you can fix in a matter of 3 weeks. It can take years of consistency and continuous efforts. And those who tell you otherwise lie to sell you their services. It is therefore crucial to learn what you can do at home to save resources and what you need from your doctor. Working with a doctor is imperative for tests and infusions and to monitor your progress, but there is a lot you can do too to achieve lasting health.

We are happy to show you how how. It's not complicated and not expensive compared to many other solutions but the results are phenomenal.

Join the TRULY HEAL club and come to one of our workshops where you can learn how to truly heal yourself from cancer, lyme, chronic fatigue, or many other degenerative diseases.

Join us for the official launch of


at this 2 Day Practical Hands on Workshop

This is the very first official training and licensing workshop where you learn how to remove the causes of disease and boost your self healing mechanism
Wednesday May 23 and Thursday May 24 2018 from 9am to 5pm

1610 Lake Las Vegas Parkway | Henderson | NV 89011 | USA

This event will take self help and self empowerment to the highest level. Become a founding member in this revolution of self and health care.

Book before the 25th of April to get the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL and the reduced hotel rate.

  • Jaikishan says:

    My father is suffering from multiple myloma is curable from ur alternative cancer treatment

  • Richard McCarthy says:

    I have Squamish cell carcinoma also known as skin cancer. I’m about to have surgery in a few weeks and will have reconstruction done because it’s on my face I believe it is on phase 1 or phase 2. My plan is to follow Gersten therapy and take Youngevity nutritional products. I would like to attend one of your workshops but I live in New Jersey. And it would be great if you had something closer.

  • Marcus
    I Live in London UK and have followed Truly Heal (and Rob Dennis) for a long time. I would like to be able to attend your Las Vegas workshop, however as Its a longish journey, I would like further education with the possibility of becoming a functional teacher. Can you or your team put something together for my visit?

    • I am looking forward meeting you soon. I see you have booked your ticket and will spare some extra time to discuss your options.

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