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Tracy Power – Auckland, New Zealand

Tracy Power The Wellpower Clinic

For as long as I can remember I have always held the belief the body can heal its self – and it can given the right environment and support.

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and Truly Heal Functional Medicine Health Coach also currently completing a Doctorate of Natural Medicine conducting my Phd research “Is Breast Cancer reversible without conventional treatment.”

I operate a private practice “The Wellpower Clinic” on beautiful Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand where I offer a comprehensive Health Coaching platform. Lets discover together why you are unwell, what ever that may present itself as and work on creating balance back in your life so disease will naturally start to reverse. I offer a fully holistic protocol along with the essential immune boosting equipment ozone, rife, hyperthermia, PEMF and with the latest test and measure tools we will leave no stone unturned. From a background of AntiAgeing, Wellness & Spa I can also provide you with the essential self care, destress, and treats one should reward oneself with for the commitment, dedication and hard work it takes to go on this healing journey. A self journey back to health is so worth it. I believe a diagnosis is a blessing and I will help you to see this. It gives us the opportunity to address all that is not working in your life so that you can then live the way that is intended for you to become the full potential that has been created for you to be.

Weather you are seeking an Alternative route, or you wish to use both Conventional and Alternative the Power Protocol will support you with your return to health – we all have the right to choose and I respect your decision.

I would be honoured to sit beside you on your journey as a guide, a source of knowledge, education and empowerment. I will endeavour to inspire and uplift you always.

You can visit the Clinic on the Island or I can make house calls via arrangement on the mainland. I am available globally via Skype. I offer a free 30 minute get to know each other to see if we fit. Please contact me to schedule a time. I Look forward to meeting with you.

Contact details are:

Cell – 64 022 087 8448

email – [email protected]

website – wellpower.co.nz


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