This Is Not The Time To Be Afraid

Scenario #1

You have received a diagnosis of Cancer and the doctor advises immediate treatment. You want this thing out of you and you don’t want to die. Fear pushes you into a horrific chain of events. You will have scars, vomit, suffer the ill effects of being chemically poisoned and be completely exhausted. You pray to God to make you better. You live on saltines and ginger ale and your doctor recommends Boost and Ensure to keep your strength up. Well-meaning friends drop in bearing gifts of milkshakes, granola bars and hard candies to suck on and relieve your parched throat.

You need help with your cabinet full of medications, sometimes double dosing because you can’t remember what you took. At night you take a sleeping pill to knock you out and stop the frightening thoughts that run like ticker tape through your mind. You beg God for help and promise to turn your life around. Your treatments are over and you are in remission with no visible tumours. A few months go by and a scan reveals that the Cancer is back. You are either given a do-over or told to go home and get your affairs in order. With your immune system destroyed, your body weak and shattered, your heart broken and full of fear that you are being punished, you seek out alternative treatment. If you die, they will claim that alternative treatment is to blame.

Scenario #2

This consists of all of the above to the point of reoccurrence with one signifiant difference. Acting out of sheer panic, you travel the world seeking out any and all alternative treatments that you can get your hands on. You jump from one method to another, not wanting to miss out on the cure; you die anyway.

Scenario #3

You are given a diagnosis of Cancer and you forgo all treatment. You have an unwavering faith in the power of prayer and you spend your days in communion with God. You may live or you may die. If you live it is a miracle. If you die, they will say it was God’s Will.

Scenario #4

You are given a diagnosis of Cancer. You go home and research alternative methods. You read and read and read. You seek out protocols that get results and talk to people who are educated and experienced. You ask all kinds of questions and make intelligent decisions. You take a few weeks to digest the information and talk to experts. You trust your gut instinct and go with the treatment that resonates with you. You choose the one that feels right and realize that the part of the protocol that you resist the most  probably holds the key to the root cause of your disease. You may live or you may die. If you live, you will never go back to your old destructive ways. Your life will be a testimonial that will inspire others to make life savings changes in their lives.  If you die, alternative medicine will be held responsible but not by those people who really knew you. They will know that you chose your own path and in doing so, lived your own life.

Scenario #4

You are given a diagnosis of Cancer. You turn down all mainstream treatment. You go home and do some research. You are afraid and do not know what to do. You ask the opinions of everyone you know. You titter totter back and forth between ideas, not trusting yourself to make the right decisions. You are overwhelmed and confused. You put your decision on hold until you can be sure that you will make the right one. On the days you are symptom free you can convince yourself that you are healed. You dabble in some alternative methods. You quit smoking, pray, drink the odd carrot juice and buy organic produce when it goes on sale.

You take a few supplements that you read on the internet are good for treating cancer. You find a Health and Wellness Centre that fits your budget and you go there for a couple of weeks. You have some ‘Aha’ moments and emotional break throughs. You go back home and hope you are healed. Time passes and you are in pain. You can feel and see your the tumour bumps protruding from your skin. You have open lesions and most days are unable to get out of bed. It may have been months or years since your initial diagnosis. In a final attempt to save your life, you contact an alternative/integrated medical facility with proven results. You arrive on their doorstep desperately wanting treatment. You may live or you may die. If you live, it will be because of proven treatments and life changing protocols mixed in with what can only be described as a miracle. If you die, it will because you waited too long and it was too late.


I am aware that there are many other scenarios but these are just a few to help you along. If you identify with any one of these, it may or may not be a good thing. That is for you to decide. When you are given a diagnosis of Cancer and the doctor immediately tries to rush you into treatment, remember this is only necessary if it is emergency surgery.  Otherwise, you have time. Conventional oncology is very lucrative when the assembly line of patients is kept running. It’s only good business to get the patient on the conveyor belt as soon as possible. You need to make informed and educated decisions. This does not mean waiting until your disease has progressed to the point of no return. When you do nothing and wait for the universe to heal you, you are acting on a lack of faith; a lack of faith that God has not given you all that you need to heal. Take a look around you. God may speak in whispers but his creations are at full volume. Who can walk past a bowl of brightly coloured fruit and not hear it scream, eat me? Only your immune system can heal you and one of the most effective ways to intensify it is through fever; natural, immune boosting fever. Success demands that you face your fears and move forward.

Your body can’t wait forever for you to make up your mind. If you really want to live, make life saving decisions now. It is very difficult to go through this alone. Ask for help and assemble your team with you as the captain.


Now is not the time to be afraid. It is not the time to procrastinate, be obedient or wait around hoping to be saved. The world’s population is getting sicker. When other countries embrace the Western lifestyle, they increase their level of disease. We have evolved into a society of mindless followers. Observe a line up of cars at a McDonald’s drive thru and tell me is doesn't resemble a group of prisoners lining up for their daily rations. We claim we just want to be happy and yet we work long hours, are in debt up to our eyeballs and spend most of our spare time surfing the net or playing video games. We discard what we have and rush in to purchase the latest and greatest gadgets. Cancer had given you the opportunity to wake up and break away from the pack, reclaim your life and run free like the wind. Don’t waste your chance waiting.

Comments (2)

  • Tanya Rabe

    A serious topic but I smiled a few times Paula as I read and recalled my own reaction to a melanoma diagnosis. This is really valuable advice. Regards, Tanya.

  • Paula Burchart

    Thank you for your comment. Very difficult subject for sure.



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