Do you agree with me that uneducated claims, internet hype and fanatic beliefs are the downfall of alternative medicine? 

Alternative medicine is usually a last resource for those who have been given up by our modern day “sick care system” but it's rarely a first choice. Very few are brave enough to trust alternative clinics and if they do, they usually have family, friends and colleagues protesting in the background.

We should ask ourselves WHY this is so.

I don't think it's not because of money. That's certainly a reason which promotes insurance paid treatments, but if it concerns a patients life they would happily invest into a sound treatment plan if they had the trust. Unfortunately are most patients just as insecure as the rest of the world whether all those claims of “cures” and recovery from late stage cancers are really true because we all have seen so many patients spending a fortune in alternative clinics and still pass away from their disease. “She has done everything alternative but just would not get better” 


Over the past 4 years I have collected a whole host of patient feedbacks which showed me what treatments they received, what they paid, what tests have been performed, what has been checked, how many different doctors they have visited and what solutions they have received. The result is shocking.

Most clinics have a “one size fits all solution” which is sold like hot chocolade to children. All patients get the same diet, have the same infusions, get the same treatments and are muscle tested for an expensive range of supplements. Very little differs from patient to patient and results reflect this very clearly.

The other extreme are so called experts, who simply hone in on one subject which they see as their universe. May this be supplements and diet, hormones or toxicity, everything is translated into their expertise while all other issues are ignored.

This leads most patients to shop for alternative health in many different places. They slowly learn more and more while they go from one doctor to the next. Every expert discovers a new part of the disease and so slowly they learn to deal with all the different causes that involve the problem they have. As long as the money lasts they keep buying, trying and searching for a solution, which they could have all at once if the health professional would be willing to cover all areas that are related to a patients cancer.


I truly believe that ignoring problems is not a solution and blaming others for the misery we are in not either.  If we rather face adversity and learn from our mistakes we can evolve and grow into a respected science that is seen as trust worthy and real solution for cancer patients.

Everything that challenges a stagnant belief brings forth the best in all of us, and in this case this is really true.


Over the past 10 years I have spoken to many doctors who suffer from this bad reputation that is created by ignorance. They all agree that in order to bing back credibility to alternative medicine we have to come back to what medicine should be. Namely a means to correct everything that is out of balance.

Medicine is not a product that can be sold. It's rather the knowledge on how to remove everything that makes a patient sick.

On this basis we have developed the TRLY HEAL protocol for cancer. It's not a new “cure” nor a fanatic treatment protocol, but a very elaborate evaluation program that helps a health professional or cancer patient to  find everything that contributes to their disease and offers solutions to resolve the problem.

In the following video I have outlined the TRULY HEAL protocol in a short overview.

Comments (4)

  • Mohammed Shabir

    This sounds great. I am into natural healing and health. Are you ever likely to do these seminars in the UK. Best wishes

    • MF

      It would be great to come to UK again but so far we had big challenges with our talks. Due to the cancer act we have been shut down several times and it’s not fun. May be you can find a way to hold these workshops without advertising publicly. This was how they found out what we do and stopped the workshop. If you do please let me know and I am happy to come
      Kind regards

  • Cornelia Elsaesser

    This sounds great, could you come to other cities in the US and when do u teach in Germany?

  • Grace Cheng

    Thanks for the great info, Marcus! Will you come to Denver, CO, USA? Will you record the workshop and offer online training?



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