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The Hidden Pieces to The Puzzle – Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is an emerging field for disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention that is precisely tailored to individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle for each person.

In layman’s terms, by utilizing the advances in technology, genetics and biomedical research, a patient now has the opportunity to acquire testing that will reveal the underlying root causes that are contributing to their disease.

Simply stated; what is contributing, fueling, feeding, and brewing inside your body that has gone undetected and hidden.

It is the answer to the question:

  • Why?
  • Why me?
  • Why am I not responding to treatment?
  • Why am I doing all the right things and yet my cancer is still growing?
  • A person is healthy and happy one day and diagnosed with cancer the next. How can this be?

The_Hidden_Pieces_of_the_PuzzleJudging the body to be in a good state of health by looking at the outside without looking inside leads to diagnosis based on symptoms. No symptoms means no disease. This could not be further from the truth. People become masters at hiding their emotional, spiritual, mental and emotional pain, sometimes to the point where they can block it out from their own consciousness. We are holistic beings and physical causes of disease spill over into all areas of life.

Treating without testing is guessing. Dr. Chas Gant and Dr. Deborah Cool of the International Precision Medicine Associates test for several hundred toxicology, metabolic, immune, allergic, infectious, nutritional and genetic causes. Most diseases, including cancer, have many causes and risk factors. Testing uncovers what is simmering beneath the surface and this is individual to each patient regardless of the location  and classification of cancer. This is why it is paramount to have a personal protocol that applies only to you. Treating the root causes is the way to achieve the desired effect of returning to optimal health.

Current technology has far bypassed the knowledge base of most health practitioners regarding the ordering of tests as well as the interpretation and design of appropriate treatment plans. It is too important to not seek out a qualified, educated, precision medicine practitioner as part of your healing team. A certified Truly Heal Coach will provide guidance, education and direction in locating qualified doctors.

In the words of Dr. Chas Gant:

“If I care about my patient, what causes of their suffering would I not want to know about.”

I invite you to watch the video interview of Dr. Chas Gant and Dr. Deborah Cool to learn more about the field of Precision Medicine. Please forward me any questions you may have and I will discuss them with the doctors in future interviews.

Contact information:

  • International Precision Medicine
  • 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, 4th Floor, East Tower
  • Washington, DC 20037
  • email: [email protected]

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