The BriLin Centre in Timaru New Zealand

We just left a very “different” clinic. The BriLin Centre in Timaru is what I would call a very MALE clinic where almost every treatment involves an electric plug and some kind of sparks and frequencies. It’s a very technical environment but the results we have observed are clearly speaking for this kind of approach.

I have to correct myself calling the BriLin centre a clinic. It’s not. The BriLin Centre is a self help community that offers support to those who have no hope in any other way. Many  patients attending this clinic should no longer be with us according to “conventional” medical opinion. Many of those we met over the weekend came to the centre some years ago and now enjoy excellent health which they contribute to the treatments, a diet change and the positive company of all the people there.

The BriLin Centre does not charge, but operates on a patient donation basis with additional support from others in the community to help cover the operating costs. No staff are paid, any surplus funds are used to purchase new equipment.

One of the founding members and most generous supporters of the centre is Brian Kenton who helped to establish the centre. Brian funded the first lot of Rife Devices and bought the house in which this safe heaven was established.

Brian just like so many others lost his sister to cancer and sees the need to help those in need with non-toxic and non-harmful  treatments they can't get anywhere else.

Brian sponsored a brand new ambulance to the local hospital and keeps several alternative clinics running with his support. If only more people were like him.

The BriLin Centre was called into life by Ron Bisset. Ron Lost his wife and daughter to cancer and has a passion to help like no one else I have met so far. He organises funds, searches for ever better treatment options and does it all with a very dry humour, a sharp wit and an undisturbed faith into the innate healing abilities of the body.

Ron is supported by host of loving and beautiful souls that help to keep the centre running like a tight ship. Everybody looks after everybody and the atmosphere in the centre shows this very clearly. I have never laughed so much in my life and had so much fun. Every single patient I spoke with agreed and confirmed that the atmosphere in the centre is one of the factors leading to their recovery.

From Ron we learned a lot about RIFE treatments and the set up of wanky vs clean sweeps of frequencies. His eloquent elaborations on the need for clean sweeps was amazing and we will share with you in a special blog how you can use them in your own home.

It’s very obvious that the power of the Rife device is very important. Low power = Little results is the favourite statement of  Ron and the reason that the clinic has several rife units firing at the same time. Obviously with great success.

For those of you who want to support the centre I’d suggest you connect directly with Ron. He is very happy about support to keep the centre growing and expanding.

You can also find out more about attending the centre by using any of the contact forms to the left. Please be aware that the centre is fairly heavily booked. You need to have a time slot before you show up.

BriLin Centre Ltd

7 Heath St Timaru, New Zealand 7910

Tel: 03-688-1661

Email: ron@briLin.co.nz   Web:www.brilin.co.nz

One of the most exciting treatments they offer besides the RIFE is the THUMPER as they call the PEMF.

The PMT120 is almost booked out from 6am to late at night every day. It’s one of the most popular treatments. Results are such that many drive several hours to benefit from it. You may want to help raising the funds for second device.

To compensate for the high demand they just added a CURATRON XP 1000 Gauss to help patients with pain and further immune boosting treatments.

Another highlight at the clinic are 2 Multi Wave Oscillators that are in constant use.

They enjoy popular demand and even though no one could really tell us how they work and what they do, they seem to play a powerful role in the overall positive results of the centre.

Last year Ron decided to purchase a TRULY HEAL Sauna Dome and like the THUMPER / PMT120, it’s fully booked.  They have 3 people working on the sauna treatments and it’s great to see how well they all do. Most patients dread the treatment but love the results.

The greatest joy for me is that they now decided to train a Naturopath and Dietician in the TRULY HEAL protocol. Both of them will start this week and will add a very powerful service to all the patients there. This will add the (needed) female touch and incorporate some of the most important factors like gut health, supplementation and detoxification to the program. Together with a local doctor all the necessary tests will become available and we look forward to a new TRULY HEAL clinic.

Comments (2)

  • Frank McLaughlin

    Hi, do you know if there is reduced travel there from USA? Like Angels Wings here Marcus? Thank you for everything you do!

  • Claire McMillan

    Thank you Marcus, Manuel and Rick for a fantastic weekend. I thoroughly recommend these Workshops to all who wish to gain knowledge and be educated in the Truly Heal concepts. Marcus has amazing knowledge, passion, is down to earth and very easy to listen to.



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