The Booby Trap of Breast Cancer

breastsWhen my son Alex was four years old he told his first joke and it went like this: What bees are scary? Boo-bies. An innocent play on words said by a child to illicit a laugh sums up the fear that exists in most women today. We are lead to believe that sitting on our chests are two ticking time tombs ready to go off at any second. Mammograms done once a year after the age of forty is urged by the medical establishment and the pink ribbon campaign as the only means of prevention and early detection. This “Booby Trap” is a money making goldmine and a big, fat lie. Breasts are not disposable lego pieces that can be popped off and on. Understanding the causes of breast cancer is the only way to prevent it.

Stop Breast Cancer with the Twelve Step Program

  1. Check your Vitamin D levels

Studies have shown that there is a link between vitamin D and breast cancer. Women who have breast cancer tend to have low levels of vitamin D in their body. Women with higher vitamin D levels are less likely to develop breast cancer. Women with higher vitamin D levels who already have breast cancer tend to have smaller tumors and are less likely to die from breast cancer. Your vitamin D level should be between 40-60ng/ml. Go to www.grassrootshealth.net for a chart that shows the dosage required to reach recommended levels.

2. Stop getting mammograms

Breasts are highly sensitive to radiation. Each year that you receive a mammogram you increase your risk of breast cancer by 1%, so in ten years that is a 10% greater risk of breast cancer. Screening also leads to a 30% increased in misdiagnosis and over treatment. The safer alternative is Thermography. Breast thermography uses no painful breast compression, no radiation and is non-invasive. It can detect a potential problem years before any tumour is present.

3. Stop taking Birth Control Pills and Hormonal Replacements

Australian geneticist, Josef Penninger, identified in 2010 that progestin activates a protein which actually causes breast cancer cells to multiply rapidly. Millions of women take progesterone derivatives in contraceptives and for hormonal replacement therapy. All women, currently using contraceptive drugs have a 66% greater risk of developing breast cancer over their peers who are not using contraceptive drugs. If you are over 45 years old, this risk goes up to 144% . Woman under 35 have a 91% higher risk. This is proven scientific studies that have been downplayed and hidden and ignored. The safe alternative is chemical free copper IUD (intrauterine device), diaphragm, condom or permanent tubal ligation.

4. Jump on a Trampoline and set them Free

The Lymph system bathes every cell, carrying waste products away and nutrients to the cell. It is totally dependant on movement. Rebounding (jumping on a trampoline) increases the flow by 15-30 times. Women who regularly exercise reduce their risk of cancer by 72%. When you are at home, let them free. Take off your bra and support your lymphatic system.

5. Toxic Teeth and Heavy Metals

The silver fillings in your mouth contain 50% mercury and 25% silver. Mercury is a known carcinogenic and impairs the immune system which is the bodies primary defence against cancer. Mercury exposure increases the production of free radicals which damage cellular DNA and cause cancer. A Canadian research team recently (2011) assessed breast cancer tissue biopsies and discovered a highly significant accumulation of heavy metals in the diseased breast tissues. Each tooth is connected to an organ via the acupuncture meridian system. If there is a hunk of metal in a particular tooth, the effect is like sticking a metal object in an electrical outlet. The metal actually short circuits the meridian and in turn can cause stress and fatigue in that associated organ. Go to a Holistic Dentist practicing safe removal and have you fillings replaced and root canals removed.

6. Detoxification 

We absorb toxins through our skin, the air we breathe, and in what we eat and drink. Detoxification needs to be part of our daily lifestyle if we are going to survive these toxic times. Have a heavy metal test so you are aware of which metals are accumulating in your body. Use green juices, filtered water, infrared sauna, exercise, skin scrubbing, clay baths, coffee enemas, zeolite, oil pulling and hyperthermia to rid yourself of toxins. Pick and choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle and fit them into your routine. Schedule regular massages and use with caution clay and castor oil packs directly on the breast.

7. Nourish your Body

Eat clean, organic fruits and vegetables. Drink filtered water and green tea.  Do not eat GMOs. Avoid all processed foods and fast food. Keep sugar to a bare minimum. The cruciferous vegetable family that includes broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, have powerful anti-cancer effects. Broccoli sprouts are packed with cancer fighting nutrients.  Eat avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, seeds and nuts. Choose organic grass fed beef, poultry and eggs. Be cautious if consuming dairy as it may contain hormones and antibiotics. Gluten and dairy intolerances go hand and hand, so use the elimination diet to check for food sensitivities. Food sensitivities cause gut dysbiosis and inflammation which stresses the immune system and weakens your first line of defence. Do not drink alcohol or at least cut back on the amount you drink. The resveratrol in red wine is best obtained by crunching on the seeds in red, organic grapes.

8. Dispose of the plastic you have and STOP buying more

Plastic is a hormone disrupting synthetic estrogen that can cause breast cancer. Use glass containers and drink out of glass bottles. Plastic that has a scent to it is bad plastic and is leaking toxins. As soon as plastic has a scratch or crack it releases cancer causing compounds and other harmful chemicals and will continue to leech until it disintegrates. A diaper takes 200 years to disintegrate . We can also absorb it by touching items that contain BPA. Do not put your cell phone in your bra.

9. Go to Bed

Your body heals when you sleep. If you fall asleep quickly or wake up tired you are not getting enough sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try taking a Melatonin supplement at bedtime. Melatonin is a natural occurring hormone and an immune regulator. Your body needs good quality sleep to repair and regenerate and sleep has a profound effect on your health.

10. Have your Hormone levels checked

Women’s articles, especially the ones about menopause, blame every ailment on hormonal imbalance. You may be taking supplements you don’t need and some might even be counterproductive and harmful.  Have your hormone levels checked and use diet, exercise and supplements to restore balance. A Naturopath doctor can assist you with the correct supplementation.

11. Iodine

In healthy breast tissue, iodine offers antioxidant benefits. Over 40% of the world’s population suffer from low iodine levels. When iodine levels went down, breast cancer went up. Your breasts need iodine to stay healthy. Have your levels checked and use a supplement. You can relieve painful breast with a quarter size application of iodine applied directly to the breast at bedtime. A simple method to check if you have sufficient iodine levels is to see whether the stain of the iodine remains on your breast in the morning. If it’s gone, your iodine level is low.

12. Emotional and Spiritual healing

Epigenetics has shown that internal environment is what determines cell behaviour. Your thoughts and beliefs help form your inner world. Toxic repetitive thoughts, fanatic beliefs, fear, sadness, hatred, jealousy, revenge, and selfishness all create sickness and disease. We need to collapse these self defeating patterns and learn gratitude, love and purpose of being. Breast cancer patients often have a common underlying belief that they are unable to fulfill expectations.  A breast cancer diagnosis is not uncommon after the loss of a child when a mother feels she was unable to protect her child from harm. The media adds to the fear of breast cancer with devastating statistics ( 1 in 7 woman will have breast cancer), pink ribbon campaigns and celebrity role models for mastectomy. Remember that every thought has a biochemical response.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change

The time has come for us to take back our boobs from the fear mongers and the pink salesmen. Do a self breast exam for health maintenance, not because you are looking for signs of cancer. Be familiar with the size, feel, shape and texture of your breasts. Your breasts are the symbol of feminine beauty, the givers of life and pleasure. The best way to treat breast cancer is to stop it before it starts. Now that you have the knowledge, you also have the power.

Comments (7)

  • Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc

    I agree with this article and have followed the majority of these recommendations and still working on the rest. As a Nurse Practitioner, I evaluated thousands of women in the clinic I worked at and found suspicious or actual cancerous lesions/lumps in women. Most MD's avoid doing a thorough exam and only recommend mammograms. CT Scans, Mammograms and MRI's with contrast can only increase the risk of cancer as radiation is accumulative. Did you know that CT Scans are equal to 500 chest xrays in the amount of radiation they emit. Why expose yourself to this dangerous routine? I have only had 2 mammograms since 40yo and will never have another (I am now 61yo). I now offer Thermograms in my clinic in Vacaville, Calif and I include a detailed breast exam using essential oils in order to teach women how to conduct a thorough self breast exam. Until the end of January my fees for the Thermogram, exam and post testing consultation is $175. After that my fees will increase to $250 for this detailed service. Call for an appointment and learn how you can prevent or recover from breast cancer. 707-474-9670.

    • Paula Burchart

      Thank you for offering your services to the millions of women who up until recently had no other option but mammogram – 1000x the radiation received in a chest X-ray.

  • Lois White

    Great advice for ALL women. Women need to know the dangers of mammograms and how much radiation, never mind the squishing which releases cancer if you have it into other parts of the body. Many experts will tell you this. Get thermography which finds it earlier than mammograms ever do. Huge cancer industry for profit at work!!!

    • Paula Burchart

      It is time all women stopped believing in the Hollywood hype and misinformation and make educated, informed decisions about our health. Share the knowledge 🙂

  • Sydney Singer

    Hi Paula. I am a breast cancer researcher. You forgot the most important thing. Wearing tight bras for long hours each day is the leading cause of breast cancer. It has to do with constriction of the lymphatic system. BTW, iodine is important for lymphatic vessel function, which may be why iodine is important for breast health. Wearing bras also causes cysts, pain, and droopy breasts. I suggest you see my website KillerCulture.com for more. Here is one article you will certainly appreciate: http://www.killerculture.com/taboobs-the-leading-cause-of-breast-disease/ .

    • Paula Burchart

      Hello Sydney,
      Tight bras can be a contributing factor and that is why I suggest going braless at home. Hollywood stars and models depict an unrealistic image of perky, beckoning breasts while “real” women need help and go for the hardware. This can be a deadly mistake. A little bit of bounce is what you need! Discard the underwire and go with a natural fabric. Unforunately, organic bras are hard to find and most give little support especially for larger breasted women. If anyone out there knows of a company that sells size specified (cup and width) organic bras in North America, I would love to hear from you. Thank you Sydney for the article reference.

  • Heather

    I agree with the loose or no bra as often as possible and also jumping on a trampoline for health and joy, check out youtube for breast massage, its good to break up cysts and fibrousness, use a cloth to grip the skin, massage the lymph hands under the arm lymph fluid drains toward the heart so a downward motion under the arms and the neck as well.

    Check zinc levels too and use a copper bracelet to increase zinc absorption.

    Professor Seyfried has a diet/ fasting protocol that kicks in very quickly to starve cancer cells. Its the Ketone Diet , starting with a water fast for 2 days , then a high coconut out , low carb and lowish protein diet. Omega 3s are important as well.
    Thankyou for the site.



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