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Cancer is caused by a multitude of compounding factors that when combined can break the camels back. Scientific research proves in hundreds of research studies that cancer can be caused by :

  • heavy metal poisoning
  • carcinogens
  • viral infections
  • inflammation
  • hormone imbalances
  • organ weakness
  • mineral and enzyme deficiencies
  • malabsorption
  • leaky gut
  • emf”s
  • radiation
  • stress
  • plastic toxins
  • medication
  • mold and fungi
  • dysbiosis (bacterial overgrowth)
  • DNA impairments
  • trauma and stress
  • poor lifestyle choices
  • and much more

Most people have at least 3 to 4 of these factors in a unique combination and intensity. Many have even more. The question is “which ones, and to what degree”????

Is STRESS the driving force or is it the toxic load in the jaw? Could it be malabsorption of minerals or is the immune system weakened by food sensitivities? It could also be a heavy metal poisoning combined with a leaky gut and poor lifestyle choices. Or may be the patient has am impaired liver detoxification pathway and reabsorbs toxins over and over since childhood?

The list of possible causes, combinations and intensities makes cancer into one of the greatest challenges of all times and only simple minds have the audacity to advertise simple cures.

Medicine avoids “cause determination” all together. It’s way too complex and certainly not profitable at all. Plus it requires the patient to be part of the solution which in it’s self is a challenge, no one wants to face.

That’s why EVERYBODY turns the SYMPTOM / CANCER into the common ENEMY that needs to be KILLED with every possible means. It's easy to sell, good for business and it's convenient. Just pop this new CURE and keep doing what you did before while hoping for a different outcome.

Even Einstein already thought this is madness pure. 


You all know my example of “the red light in the dashboard” or “the dripping water from the blocked sink”. I have used these metaphors many times and they all say the same thing:

  • “What you resit persists” 
  • “What you don’t learn to love will haunt you for ever” 
  • “What you do not resolve NOW will always come back with vengeance”

Knowing that you can not run from your problems because you take them where-ever you go, is the foundation and strength of the TRULY HEAL protocol and the reason we tackle disease at it's root cause in order to have long term success. 

Most of the treatments that resolve chronic degenerative disease are NOT done in a clinic. Yes there are a few and we are grateful they exist, but the majority is integrated into your daily life. Healing is a very natural process and has nothing to do with magic. In fact when you boost your immune system and provide a well balanced environment you can see that many diseases vanish on their own. As Charlotte Gerson said:  “You can not be selective with healing. When you heal you heal!”


If you are sick and tired chasing for a “cure” and rather want to TRULY HEAL by removing the cause of cancer and many other degenerative diseases,  then join the  TRULY HEAL online academy  today and learn how cancer and many other degenerative diseases can be prevented and reversed by removing the cause and by boosting your innate ability to truly heal. 

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