Revolutionary way to switch off pain discovered – Sleep

There is nothing more important than a good night sleep and a deep relaxation in order to truly heal. Our bodies need deep relaxation from physical and mental stress in order to detoxify and heal.

Learn while you Sleep / Meditate

There are many benefits to a deep relaxation of body and mind. The first one has to do with learning. You learn a 100 x faster and more efficient if you manage to digest what you have absorbed during a deep meditation. In ancient times they called this the cave of silence where you find nuggets of gold. In the Vedic philosophy all sischas (students) had to meditate after a class to get the deeper meaning of the subject matter.

Often when you try to think of a name it comes to you when you relax. That's the effect of THETA waves. They touch the unconscious and reveal the truth.

Revolutionary way to ‘switch off' pain discovered

A breakthrough means to ease pain for millions of patients has been discovered by US researchers – and it’s right inside our mind. By means of inducing the patient with theta waves pain can be reduced by as much as 60%.

The biggest benefit of a deep state of rest and relaxation is pain relief. If you bring your brain waves to a THETA state you will no longer feel pain. You can see this often in native tribes who manage to dance and sing themselves into a state of complete trance where they can pierce themselves with knifes without any pain.

You may have noticed that during sleep pain vanishes and returns when you wake up. That's because during a state of theta sleep you can not feel pain.

In clinical models this phenomenon is used to reduce the pain factor instead of drugs with a state of mind which is as close to THETA as possible.

We manage to achieve this in a 10 min session with the TH-PRO. Before Patients are treated with Local Hyperthermia on a liver cancer, they are put to rest with the TH-PRO in order to feel less pain and so the treatment can be intensified.

HEALING happens when you SLEEP DEEP

90% of all healing, detoxification and recovery happens during 4 deep sleep cycles.

As soon as your brain is turned off all life forces are mobilised to heal and repair the body. Detox pathways are opened and your immune system works in powered to get you back into shape. This process can be greatly improved by means of good sleeping habits and relaxation exercises.

The TH-PRO is the ideal tool to help you relax during the day and towards bed time. It's the only tool on the market which is able to take you from Beta waves into Theta or even Delta which is the pivotal point of rejuvenation and healing. Under normal circumstances this Delta state is only achieved during the first deep sleep cycle but with the TH PRO you can induce this stage even when you want to go back to sleep after a short relief at the toilet.

The TH_PRO is the ideal tool to prepare and help the body to develop sound sleeping habits and so the increase the speed of healing without any drugs or medications.

AIRLINES provide first and business class the comfort of healing sleep.

After long research and testing the TH-PRO has been approved for use in first and business class at international airlines. The device helps the elite passengers to sleep and relax during the journey. Economy class can purchase the TH-PRO in the duty free shop.

If this device can help passengers in a tight airplane to sleep for 6 to 8 hours straight then it can help everybody at home to sleep even deeper and more relaxed.  China Air has tested the device with many first class and second class passengers and has found the results absolutely convincing. This alone shows the credibility of the power behind mind control.

Comments (4)

  • Deane Alban

    I'm a little confused about brain wave states and meditation. I recently downloaded 2 free brainwave MP3's from two different companies. Both promised to put you in the same brainwave state as meditation but one said that is the Alpha state, the other said that is the Theta state! I've looked around but haven't found a sufficient answer. If you could clear this up in a few words I'd greatly appreciate it!

    • Howard

      Alpha = vivid dragons, light sleep, Good visualizations ect.

      Theta = significant or total pain reduction

      • Howard

        Should read dreams above not dragons !

    • MF

      Alpha state is the first phase of relaxation and slowing the mind. Most people never get past this point except if they fall asleep. Even with tapes you will relax to Alpha and when your mind calms down further you fall asleep into Theta.

      It requires a lot of constant vigilance and practice to reach theta states during meditation while remaining conscious. Some of the programs and devices help you to achieve that but it requires practice as well.

      Many of our clients who use the TH-PRO as a mean to fall asleep. Not to meditate. But with practice you can get there.



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