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Review of the new DCM3990 PEMF Device

DCM 3990

The new DCM3990 from PEMF Systems is a clinical or home device combining a very powerful 3990 Gauss ringer PEMF with a 5 step intensity settings into a practical unit that can be used in wellness or detox centres, in osteopathic and chiropractic clinics as well as in private homes. This latest update turns this tiny but super powerful device into the best edition we have seen so far.

The DCM3990 has it all. High power ringer with enough grunt to cause muscle contractions, 5 step power settings, low settings releasing more ions than any comparable PEMF device on the market and super sturdy applicators that feel like from a $20k device. Plus the quality build is phenomenal.

The DCM3990 has a medical CE UL certificate and is approved as a medical device. 

This newest addition to the TRULY HEAL PEMF series offers 5 programs with different Gauss settings. For deepest penetration you use setting 4 and 5. For gentler therapy you use level 1 to 3. Because the pulse speeds up on lower setting you receive the same massive amount of negative ions to recharge your cells as on the high settings. The penetration is just not as deep.



750 Gauss



1449 Gauss



2288 Gauss



3086 Gauss



3990 Gauss


The PEMF DCM 3500 recognizes intelligently 220V or 110V 50Hz or 60Hz and changes automatically the power settings of your location. The Loop applicator fit into the lid of the carry case. You can take everything fully protected wherever you go. With a 3 year warranty this is the ultimate solution for clinical and home application.

Available Applicators

Please select which accessories you would like to add to your DCM3500. The Large loop and Butterfly are standard accessories. The MagPad and the Paddle can be added separately.

PEMF DCM3990 Dimensions

Length: 10.25” (26cm)
Width: 12.5” (31.75cm)
Height: 6” (15.2cm)
Weight: 5.8lbs (2.6kg)

PEMF DCM3990 Electrical

Voltage: 120 to 230 VAC
50 Hz (Europe) 60 Hz (USA)
Gauss: 800 Oscillating Pulse
Gauss: 3500 Gauss Ringer pulse

PEMF DCM3990 Includes

Large Loop: 12” diameter (30.48cm)
Butterfly Loop: 17” (43.18cm)
MagPad 2: 18″ x 23″ (46cm x 58cm)

What is PEMF?

The PMT Digital system is a pulsed electromagnetic field device with a peak performance of up to 3990 Gauss.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is a type of electromagnetic therapy in which small magnetic currents are intermittently applied to the body.

Our bodies use magnetic fields to generate cellular energy and transport items across membranes. Therefore magnetic energy is required for life. Cleopatra was probably the first celebrity to use magnets. Stories say that she slept with a Lodestone (magnetic stone) to keep her skin youthful. The therapeutic knowledge was passed to the Greeks who have been using magnets for healing since 2500 BC. Aristotle and Plato also referred to the benefits of Lodestones in their work.

Since the emergence of evidence based medicine magnetic therapy has mainly stayed in the shadows. However as technology advances proof of its therapeutic action and function are becoming more widespread and documented. Especially considering that currently magnets are used as one of medicines most advanced imaging tool, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The DCM3990 is fully CE UL approved and is classified as a medical device. 

  • A friend owns a large PEMF unit and does pelvic floor treatments but uses 2 pads. How could I adapt this unit to do that therapy?

    • If you do 2 pads you have the boxing effect at the same time. We just do it one after the other. You do front (lower belly), back (kidney adrenals) and then from bottom up (sitting on the loop). 3 positions for pelvic floor are perfect.

  • Michael Mathieu says:

    Hello Marcus,

    This is Michael from Colorado.

    I’ve had my device For just a little over two weeks.

    I am in Utah right now to see Dr. Judson Wall I just had five cavitations work done yesterday. I got to see a lot of yucky stuff come out in the videos and he had to go really deep in my lower wisdom teeth extraction sites
    I am really excited to use both O-Zone and this device to heal things up quick and strong. I’ve been using the butterfly Right over my jaw/face well as the rest of my body with the big loop. I’m wondering if you thoughts or suggestions on how much treatment is reasonable per day right after surgery? If you were in my shoes how often would you treat yourself each day?

    I have to say, it was pretty scary to see how deep he had to go and how much necrotic bone there was.
    He took A fluid sample and put it under video microscopy. Lots of aggregated red blood cells That looked very unhealthy
    And possible parasites and other critters. One thing we saw a lot of what is something that looked a bit like a tiny see urchin, and all his years of doing this he’s never seen that before. At the moment he’s thinking it might be some kind of mold.

    Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!


    • Twice a day for 10 min in your face and jaw should be sufficient. But you can test with 3 times and see if things feel good.

  • Dennis Allan Wiegert says:

    “Price Please?”

  • Hey Marcus,

    Tim W. From Northern California

    I watched your video on the new DCM 3990, but I am a little confused (more than normal). Is the DCM 3990 a Ringer or Digital? Your presentation is Digital, but in your description you have Ringer in bold letters. So I’m not sure which it is.

    Hope you are doing well,
    Regards Tim

    • Hello Tim, let me try to explain. Ringer means it’s not an oscillating low power PEMF. It’s a strong device that send strong magnetic waves into the body with a slow rhythm. Ringers strike with one big magnetic wave all cells at the same time into motion.

      Ringers can be produced as ANALOG which means with the old spark chambers like the PMT120. Very powerful and intense but they require maintenance and service.

      Today ringers are produced with capacitors that release the spark. These new devices do not need any service or replacement of the spark chamber. They are digital PEMF devices releasing a strong ringer effect. I hope this clarifies.

  • Ron Daivs says:

    What is the effect of PEMF on Caner?

  • Ashmir Wong says:

    Good Morning Mr. Marcus ! Where do your Goodself runs your courses / trainings ? Any course / trainings schedules & the fees payable ? Any Accreditable certificate given for it ? Thank You ! Kindly email reply. to : [email protected]

    • We will offer and of jan a series of trainings all online. This will replace the life workshops. I will send a newsletter next week.

  • Mia Kelley says:

    Could you tell me how a ICES® DigiCeutical® M1 Model System from Micro-Pulse would compare. please? I need it for healing & rehabilitation from a long battle with Lyme Disease, mold poisoning, and stress. Many thanks

    • Marcus Freudenmann says:

      I do have 5 of these toys here in my shelf and was very hopeful that they would work. These companies offer 40% commission per sale and if what they claim would be true we could sell hundreds. Unfortunately did that not hold true. I gave all 5 devices to different clients that had different health issues and I asked them to test and give me feedback. I got all 5 devices back with no results. I used mine for 4 weeks daily and also felt no difference. Sorry.

  • Larry Eames says:

    When you don’t gives prices, you make people think that you are embarrassed by what you CHARGE

    • Believe me this is not my problem. I would love to have the shop and product links on my website but the DCA and FDA do not like that. We are not selling or talking about apple phones and gadgets but about medical devices and have to be careful where and how we place links. if you would have clicked on any tf the pictures you would have been taken to the shop. But the 2 click rule means we would have only been able to take you to the directory of PEMF and not even to the actual product. It’s a difficult situation when pharmaceuticals can be advertised on TV while we can not even set a proper link on our website.

  • Hello Marcus, I was wondering which model would you suggest, the Suitcase or the Office model and why? Thank you

    • I have to say that I fell in love with the little office device. Easier to travel with, smaller and lighter plus it’s very sturdy metal casing which makes it my choice. But that’s only because I do not use it in dusty or wet environment. It is sitting in our book shelf and looks really great beside the couch where the whole family is using it every day.


    Is the comparable to the Bemer Matt?

    • Bemer is a low power oscillating PEMF device which can not be compared with a ringer device. The output is 40 Gauss max to 3990 Gauss in a DCM ringer. A Beemer makes cells sing along like a tuning fork if you get the right frequency while a ringer is like a club that strikes all cells at the same time. A ringer is 100 x more efficient.

  • Hi Marcus, I am wondering about your thoughts on this ringer unit. I am a Functional Medicine and Sports Medicine MD in Bellevue WA. I rented a Ringer device last spring that was similar to the lower power unit by PEMF systems. I tried it on numerous patients with OA of the hip, OA of the knee and chronic pain from OA of the spine. I also tried it on men with BPH and up to 8 treatments. My patients did not report much benefit and I returned it after 4 weeks of intensive use. I have been searching for research to determine if a ringer unit such as this is actually safe in terms of EMF etc and I can not find information. I know you use it for general health maintenance but I am not clear what it would do on a cellular or a tissue level to justify the cost and regular use and if it is actually save in regards to the possibility of any adverse cellular or tissue effects. Also I can’t find much research to show that it is beneficial for Osteoarthritis or any particular conditions. I would like to believe that it would be effective and I have enjoyed your information and videos on many subjects. What conditions do you think there is actual research to indicate this level of PEMF is safe and efficacious to treat. I understand it may be helpful to treat certain kinds of cancer as they are using it in Switzerland to cause apoptosis of cancer cells but for other conditions I am not clear from my literature review and experience using it. I also use frequency specific microcurrent which is very effective for many nerve and orthopedic conditions. It may be that because I am very proficient with FSM that PEMF may have very little additional benefit. I would appreciate your thoughts. David

    • Not all PEMF devices are the same. I have a few in my office that have shown absolutely no results. It’s the wave form that makes the difference. That’s why the old analog devices were so much better at first with their sharp spark. The digital devices could not compete. Most companies do not make clinical studies or test in a medical environment. PEMF Systems does. The little DCM3990 is absolutely stunning and shows similar results as the PMT120. Not quite as significant but for a home unit it’s a dream device.

      Another problem is that often the healing process is negated by what causes the problem in the first place. if you have a client with joint problems due to inflammation or leaky gut and you only treat with PEMF while they trigger the inflammation 3 x per day with their diet it’s like swimming against the stream. PEMF will help a little until the next assault. It’s not a miracle cure. We usually combine a leaky gut protocol with PEMF and therefore have much better results.

      EMF or better dirty electricity is often misunderstood with EMF electromagnetic fields. Dirty means the HZ frequency is above 60 hz and fluctuating with spikes and arrhythmic amplitudes like a wireless router emits when signals are transmitted. All RF waves are stress to the system above the magnetic fields of the earth which is around the 60HZ. PEMF does not produce such RF waves and certainly not these frequencies. the slow pulse with 1 beat per second is a magnetic wave that emits a strong ion discharge which charges your cell membranes through electroporation.

      Research for these devices have just started in many different areas and Osteoarthritis is one of them. I will request the relevant study and post it here.

  • tashina wilkinson says:

    Hello Marcus,
    I am wondering what is the difference between the new DCM 3990 and the DCM 3500? I have the DCM3500 and have sold several .We are all wanting to know the difference. Please explain.

    Thank you!

    • It’s just the new 2019 model and a bit stronger. 3990 Gauss instead of 3500 Gauss and with a possibility to adjust the intensity with 5 levels. The new device also has a new plug which is a bit easier to connect. All else is the same.

      • Thanks Marcus! I just found your answer to my request. Appreciate your response. Somehow I thought it would be coming to my email. OOPS! Got it.

  • How does this compare to the Curatron 3D or XPSE models. Also, how does this compare to the PMT for incontinence or bone on bone arthritis? Thanks!

    • The DCM3990 is far superior to any oscillating device. We sold them for a while and stopped because of very little results. The DCM3990 produces up to 4000 Gauss, The Clinic Duo gets up to 7500 Gauss and the PMT achieves up to 12000 Gauss. The main difference is the intensity of the pulse. Higher power faster results.

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