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Functional Medicine Health Coach – CERTIFICATION

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What Do I Get When I Join Today?

Online Certification Program

Joining today you get immediate access to our online program. You receive a username, password and a link where you can log in. This provides you with all the course material, lessons and an active progress tracker.

The online education program is divided into 42 chapters with text, videos, illustrations, mind maps, charts and images to help you memorise and understand each subject.

At the end of each lesson you need to complete an exam demonstrating you have a solid grasp of the content. These exams are designed to see that you have understood the content and that you can explain it in your own words.

DOWNLOAD THE COURSE SYLLABUS HERE:      https://trulyheal.com/wp-content/uploads/Course-syllabus-coaching-1.pdf 

Personal Teacher

Instead of computer auto-corrected tests we manually correct your assignments and give you feedback. Our certified health professionals (MD's, Naturopath's & Nutritionists) will work with you to achieve a solid understanding so that you feel confident and ready for the world.

Your teacher will send you notifications in case you missed a question or made a mistake. This way you can correct or redo the specific question until its perfect.

All our students finish their certification with 100% certainty, credibility and competence.​

Functional Medicine APP

One of our proudest achievements for our health coaches and practitioners is the TRULY HEAL functional medicine APP. This APP will help you follow a very systematic process of cause finding and puts all relevant tools right at your fingertips. Even if you only use the massive encyclopaedia with note taking tool you have an advantage over everybody else.

Using the same username and password you will have full access of the TRULY HEAL APP.  There is more to say about the Functional Medicine App than I could possibly fit into this short paragraph. We have therefore created a couple of videos that shows you the main functions and how you can use the APP to position yourself as a leader in the field.

You can learn how to use the APP here in this APP TRAINING: https://trulyheal.com/functional-medicine-app/

Main components of the APP are:

1.) Cloud based and accessible from any device from anywhere in the world.
2.) Client management with calendar and booking screen.
3.) Note taking screen with very advanced filters.
4.) Timeline management with questionnaire and explanations.
5.) Extensive encyclopaedia of symptoms, causes, tests, treatments, remedies and research for all possible health related topics.

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Final Certification

When you've finished your final exam we send your printed certificate and notify the IICT of your completion. This allows you to join the IICT (international institute for complementary medicine)

Once a member you can purchase public liability insurance, work indemnity and product liability insurance.

This puts you on a professional playing field and ensures that you are certified in what you teach, preach and educate.



Who Can Participate In The TRULY HEAL Certification?

Anybody with a passion and dedication to make this world a healthier place is welcome to participate.  Whether you want to help one person or want to change the whole world, this training offers you the best foundation to achieve your dream.

This education helps you achieve your goals wether large or small, it provides an in-depth business training and psychological training ensuring that you can overcome old and stagnant patterns that may hold you back.

​We also provide you with invaluable tools to success. We provide you with a website, personalised masterminds classes to fine-tune your ideas and the Truly Health Functional Medicine APP so that your success is guaranteed. All you need to bring to the table is a purpose and passion.

Do I require any prior education or training in health before I can join?

NO, there is no prior requests for this course. Although a basic understanding of health and wellness can be helpful.

Medicine is in a phase of transformation and the new way of healing facilitates a clients change in lifestyle habits, ensuring a successful and fulfilled life. This course will teach you how to direct a client on this path.

The functional medicine approach to health is very systematic and extremely common sense.

You will learn how to accumulate all the relevant information from a patient via a questionnaire and investigate the possible causes. You will learn step by step how to evaluate and put the puzzle together. Then you can help your clients to navigate the process of cause elimination.

Can I join as a patient?

Yes you can and we believe it to be your smartest move.  To ensure a lasting recovery patients must understand  how their body works and how they can support it in the best way. This course will enable you to do just that.

You will also have the advantage of knowing which tests, treatments and remedies are helpful and which ones give you little or false results.

However we need to mention that this training requires study, concentration and learning often beyond what may be possible in your particular case. Furthermore this course does not offer any personalised advice, prescriptions or information.

Can I join as caregiver or a family member?

YES YES YES. We believe that the education of those surrounding a patient is the best solution to provide understanding, support and help. As a caregiver or family member this course can provide PURPOSE, ENERGY and MOTIVATION, inspiring and changing your life and those around you.

Learning for someone else is easier than learning for yourself because you will not associate everything you learn with your own situation. You still have the detachment that helps to discern what's relevant and what not. The second benefit is that your passion and desire to help will create big waves that will reach many more.

Is the training very difficult?

That depends on your passion for the subject. If you try to teach me the rules of a particular sport then I will probably not understand. Yet if you teach me a new computer software I will learn in no time because I have a passion for it.

In the same way will you have no problem to learn and understand anything you are passionate about. I believe everybody is a genius when passion is involved.

Is this training recognized in my country ?

This is an international course and students from around the world can join. We welcome you to participate and help your countrymen no matter where you are from, as long as you are able to speak and read English.

The IICT is an international institute and offers insurance in 99 major countries around the world. So you should be covered. Please check here. http://myiict.com

Questions About The Health Coach Certification

What is the functional medicine health coaching certification?

The TRULY HEAL certificate shows that you have been educated and tested in the ability to determine root causes, contributing factors, possible treatments, relevant tests and are equiped to guide a patient with educated advice.

You have furthermore been instructed and tested in the ability to help your clients resolve stress, trauma, grief, resentment and fear from all 7 areas of their life.

Your certificate shows that you have successfully passed the final examination.

Combining life coaching with health coaching in the framework of functional medicine allows you work with all clients and all diseases in an educated manner.

What are the 4 main areas that you use for cause finding and coaching?

To evaluate a clients health we seperate our observations into 4 distinct groups.

1.) The physical body is evaluated with functional tests to determine imbalances in all systems.

2.) The habitual body is evaluated for healthy or unhealthy habits that slowly lead to either health or disease.

3.) The mental body is evaluated for the ability to deal with stress, trauma, grief and fear, but also hope, desire and love.

4.) The spiritual body where we search for meaning, purpose, will to live and passion for life.

All 4 bodies can be the culprit or the solution to a health crisis. To achieve maximum results we evaluate them all.

What are the main diseases that can be addressed with functional medicine?

In complete contrast to “alternative / conventional” medicine, functional medicine does not pathologise.

Rather it establishes the causative contributors to ‘dis-ease'. Functional understanding of biological structure results in treatment of imbalances and supporting the bodies own healing potential.

Almost every disease is caused by the same short list of culprits. Therefore treatment of disease often has several common denominators.

How is this coaching course different from other training programs?

The coaching market is flooded with auto corrected, new age, hear say programs that offer general advice for lifestyle, diet and exercise. Most of what these coaches learn is available for free in magazines, Dr. Google and hundreds of newsletters.

Thats why 89% of all normal coaches have no hope of being paid for their services.

We give neither general advice nor do we try to sell “one size fit's all remedies and treatments which are ultimately very dangerous.

To be honest there is no comparison to any other health coaching program. TRULY HEAL provides the worlds first functional medicine certification for health coaches.

The TRULY HEAL approach is clearly scientific, based on research, functional testing, proven treatments and years of experience. It's a personalised approach where the patient is the centre of the evaluation, recommendation and solution.

What can I do / offer as a functional medicine health coach?

The main function of a coach is to guide another person to the best possible solution to their problem.

With functional medicine as your tool you can offer guidance and support to everybody who has chronic diseases and psychological problems.

Your potential is only limited by your imagination.

No disease is caused by only one problem. Usually there are many compounding factors that need to be addressed. That's where the real strength of your education will become visible. You can help navigate your clients through different tests and treatments and help them find the most suitable path.

Does this training provide prescriptions and treatment advice for patients?

No. There is no treatment, prescriptions, information or personalised advice offered throughout this course.

The course will educate you about available therapies, supplements and remedies as well as relevant tests. Research is cited with remedies and treatments to help you make informed decisions.

Your teacher will also be able to answer general questions you may have.

Will there be tests and or examinations required for the course?

Yes. 42 in total. After each chapter we check if you have actually read and understood the content. Some tests are tiny and done in a blink while others require a bit more work.

All tests and assignments are done in your own time. This means there is no ticking clock if you struggle to find an answer and you can always check the lesson and find what you need.

Plagiarism is not permitted therefore all answers must be written in your own words. This is to ensure personalised learning and to prepare you for the real world.

How are these exams corrected and can I fail or repeat if necessary?

Once you click submit for an assignment it is sent to your teacher. The teacher will then read and correct your answers and either get back to you with additional requirements or mark as passed.

Our goal is to support your learning and to guarantee that you feel confident in each of the subjects.

It is not possible for you to fail. We are here to help you learn and succeed at each chapter until you have understood the content.

Can I communicate with my teacher and ask questions if I have problems?

Yes your teacher can be reached via “Personal note to teacher”. You can also communicate with them via the answers in your assignments.

Your teacher will always be helpful to your progress but we keep calls and personal conversations to a minimum. Due a large number of coaches and their respective assignments we need to stay focussed on the task.

However if the need arises we ask you to formulate your problem as clear as possible in writing and send it to us in advance. Following which we can succinctly answer your query during a Skype or conference call.

When and where to the  MasterMind classes take place?

All MasterMinds will be announced to all students via email. You will receive several invitations and reminders.  You select the subject, date and time and sign up.

Due to the fact that our students live in different time zones we offer MasterMind classes during several different times per day.

We also restrict all classes to a small number of students to achieve maximum interactive results and to provide you the time you deserve.

What happens when I miss a MasterMind?

All Masterminds are recorded and will be available in the members area for the benefit of all students.

Should you miss your date and slot you will have to wait for the next MasterMind on the same subject.

How long do I have to finish the course?

You have 2 years to complete the TRULY HEAL functional medicine health coaching certification. After this time you will still have access to the material and the content updates that become available on a regular intervals, however your assignments will no longer be corrected.

From our experience most students finish the course within 6 to 12 months with ease. Even if you just finish one chapter per week you are certified long before the end of 1 year.

How can I use / access the APP?

Once you have signed up for the coaching certification you will receive a USERNAME and PASSWORD which is used to access the course as well as the APP.

In the APP you can set up unlimited clients, unlimited notes, search for references and make good use of all the info during your whole training program.

The APP offers 3 different usages. 1.) You can manage clients and book appointments. 2.) You can use it purely as a reference program where you take notes. 3.) It's also a perfect guide for your questionnaire and timeline observations.

The calendar part (1) can be completely deactivated in case you already use a different system.

Is there an annual fee for the APP?

All health coaching students receive a 3 year subscription for the APP from the moment of joining. This allows you to use the app during your training and afterwards while setting up your practice without any concern of renewal fees.

Thats 3 x $1200 = $3600 in annual fees.  After that you can renew your app subscription for $900 / year.

All future developments of the app including the ever growing content is updated in the backend and is immediately available to you.

Questions About Cost And Payment Options

What is the price for the health coach certification??

Tuition fee for the entire certification including your personal teacher, workbook, 3 year APP subscription, business training and masterminds is US $5200

There is also a 6 months payment option, where you can break the amount into 6 payments plus service fees.

Is there a mid and final exam and how much time do I have to finish it?

The mid exam and end exam are both practical evaluations of cases and written assignments. For both you have as much time as you need to get it right.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

All TRULY HEAL certification fees are non refundable. Once payment is made you receive the complete pack with all the content, book and applications.

In case your fail to pay your payment plan your account will be locked until payment is made.

What forms of payments and payment options are available?

We accept Cash, Bank transfer and Visa & Master Card. Checks are not accepted. Payment is made through a secure STRIPE gateway.

In case you select bank transfer for the certification you will receive on checkout our bank details. This set up requires clearance of funds and manual setup which can take up to 48 hours.

Do you offer any scholarship programs?

No but we have several church communities, health practitioners and self help groups sponsoring a certification to one of their members.

This appears to be a very practical option to bring qualified guidance and expertise into your community and the cost can be split between all members.