TRULY HEAL Cause Evaluation & Treatment Recommendations

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TRULY HEAL Cause Evaluation & Treatment Recommendations

If you are diagnosed with cancer or any other degenerative disease you can either surrender to conventional treatments, handing the responsibility to the doctor or start on a quest for health on your own. Many patients try the conventional path first only to find out, that there are no answers. Medication is designed to suppress the symptoms but not to resolve the problem all together.

The usual next step is to try all the so called cancer cures. Gerson juicing, Sodium bicarbonate and a host of other recommendations you receive from everywhere. 95% of these recommendations end up ineffective and your cancer keeps growing. By now you have wasted valuable resources and time which could have been spent much more effectively.

So why not start with the most valuable questions first.

  • What causes my dis-ease?
  • What prevents my body from healing?
  • What suppresses my immune system?
  • What am I missing? (deficiencies)
  • What do I have too much? (toxins and infections)
  • Has stress something to do with me not getting better?
  • How can I find out what helps me best?

Therefore Book Your Evaluation NOW!

Comprehensive questionnaire   Included with your initial payment!

The first step of a the health evaluation is a comprehensive questionnaire.

The human body is a master work of intricately balanced chemical, mechanical and electrical signals. These work synthetically together to create a comprehensive and functioning whole. From the moment we are conceived this delicate balance of health is attacked by a hostile world. Only by understanding, knowing and finding just how you're specific body has been assaulted can we begin to reverse or work around these damages.

The questionnaire is designed to receive information about all aspects of your health, life and well-being. It contains questions in regards to all biological systems, diet and lifestyle habits and physiological and emotional beliefs. With it, the practitioner is immediately armed with a vast amount of information that can be organised prioritised and sorted. The questionnaire builds the initial backbone of the clients timeline and provides an understanding of event/disease progression.

Not only is honesty a must when filling out this questionnaire, the more thorough and comprehensive your answers are, the greater advantage the practitioner will have understanding your case and reducing the time needed to identifying key biological disturbances during the initial consultation.

Not only does the questionnaire provide vital insights for your practitioner, it also provides you the opportunity to introspectively investigate your life. Truly knowing oneself is a liberating experience and this questionnaire can lead to several self realization moments.

Initial Skype/Phone consultation    Included with your initial payment!

No matter how many questions the questionnaire entails, nothing replaces human interaction and communication. The initial consultation sets the basis for further clarification and understanding of your case.

With this hour long conversation the practitioner will gain the remaining information to create a holistic picture of your health.

The consultation will also enable the practitioner to sort out which pathology and functional tests are relevant to your specific case.

Individualized recommendation for pathology and functional tests.

Following your initial consultation, your practitioner will send you a list of required pathology and or functional tests which are recommended for you to attain.

Once the requested tests have been received by your practitioner, analysis of the results can begin.

During this phase you can expect some delays as the collection and interpretation of pathology results and information gained from the initial consultation must be gathered and evaluated.

Evaluation of the questionnaire and test results with written report including timeline.

A written report compiling the information and interpretation of your cause and health status will be sent to you. This report will also include a complete timeline of your life and treatment recommendations.

You will notice that this part of the evaluation gives you incredible power to step into the healing process with certainty. You will save a lot of money in regards to ineffective treatments and devices which are not relevant for you.

The more obvious benefit here is that you can address the biggest problems first to have fastest and most noticeable results.

Skype / Phone consultation discussing report and treatment recommendations

The final phone consultation will answer any questions that you may have regarding the written report, timeline and treatment recommendations. It will help you fully understand your condition and know the root cause that originally lead to its manifestation.

Understanding the origins of your disease you will be armed with the information needed to begin re-balancing and restoring proper function within your body.

This is the final stage of the evaluation and by its conclusion you will have a clear picture of your treatment path and the practical knowledge to apply the changes you seek.

If you wish after this evaluation to continue with your practitioner feel free to discuss this directly with them.

You have your consultation with Benedict Freudenmann

Benedict Freudenmann, Benedict, Freudenmann, Nutritionist, Learntonourish, Learn to Nourish, Trulyheal, Truly Heal,Benedict Freudenmann is a passionate and intellectually minded individual, whose drive to health and knowledge makes him an inspiring practitioner. As a second-generation health practitioner, it’s not hard to see where his passion and understanding comes from.

Benedict’s education in the world of Natural Medicine began in 2006 when he traveled the world alongside his parents, filming the documentary ‘Cancer is Curable Now’ (now known as ‘Truly Heal from Cancer’). Despite completing a Degree in Journalism during their 2 years ‘on the road’, Benedict realized that his true passion lay in nutrition & alternative medicine.

With his passion found, he headed off to University and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutritional Medicine. Since that time, Benedict has co-authored the ‘Truly Heal’ functional medicine workbook and online health coaching program, worked in a variety of health related roles and co-founded the Truly Heal Functional Medicine Practitioner Application.

In 2015, his passion took him back overseas to take on the role of Clinical Nutritionist at the Arcadia Praxis, a world leading alternative cancer clinic based in Bad Emstal Germany. Working closely with the team of doctors at Arcadia, Benedict found his strength in supporting and helping chronic disease patients on their healing journey.

Benedicts, methodology to treatment is fundamentally based around; understanding, finding and resolving the underlying causation of all chronic diseases (including cancer). His systematic and analytical case taking approach, combined with comprehensive and targeted functional testing, enables him to treat effectively and precisely, whilst empowering his clients to Truly Heal. 

To resolve the underlying causes of disease Benedict ensures the biological homeostasis (balance) of all bodily systems (Digestive, Immune, Hormonal, Nervous, Cardiovascular, Skeletal, Renal, Hepatic, Respiratory). He does so by resolving the core causes of disease: Toxicity, Infection, Inflammation, Acidity, Deficiencies and Psychological. Benedict’s treatments incorporate dietary/lifestyle interventions as well as research based supplementation and alternative therapies.


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