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How to prevent cancer is the result of working hands on with many cancer patients, doctors, researchers and scientists. You will learn that preventing cancer and reversing degenerative disease is a very logical and simple process.

How to prevent cancer is presented by Marcus Freudenmann who is known for common sense and keeping things simple and clear so that every layperson can understand it.

Suitable for all degenerative diseases

Cancer is the final breakdown of the immune system and is therefore the last to heal from all your degenerative diseases. But as Charlotte Gerson said: “You can not heal selectively! When you truly heal, the whole body heals!”

TRULY HEAL™ from • gut problems • arthritis • diabetes • autism • cancer • chronic fatigue • allergies • ADHD • lyme’s disease • depression • insomnia • obesity • and many more!

Learn How to Prevent & Reverse Cancer

FREE training for patients, family and caregivers provided by TRULY HEAL!

This is one of the most rewarding educational programs that will not only heal your own life but also that of all your friends and loved ones. Over the next couple of weeks you receive a series of emails, containing links to a series of articles, videos, charts, transcripts and lessons. Everything you need to know will be delivered to you in 32 individual lessons so that you can  join a long list of victors that have managed to either live with cancer a long and prosperous life or to even reverse their disease completely.

“How to prevent cancer” is a self-paced learning program with easily understandable information for the layperson. You will be shown in video presentations all areas that can be improved to prevent cancer and reverse degenerative diseases.

There are no quizzes or assignments to complete – just good information to help guide you towards a healthy life.

After almost 15 years of research on how to heal and reverse cancer naturally we have decided to publish this training program to share with you all the treatments, remedies and lifestyle changes on how to prevent cancer in the first place.

Should you wish to gain access to the complete program at once you can do so at any time.

What You'll Discover in this 32-Part Video Course:

  • Understand what DIS-EASE really is
  • Learn how disease is caused by many different factors and influences.
  • See how many small causes compile into one massive immune suppressor
  • Learn how to test and evaluate each of the different causes
  • Learn how to treat and resolve each cause until your whole body heals
  • Learn how to use the best tools and treatments at home
  • Know what to look for when searching for a practitioner
  • Be able to ask valuable questions that help you find real solutions

How to prevent cancer FAQ

Here are some of the most frequent questions we have answered to previous students of health!

Do I need to have cancer to benefit from the course?

Why wait until you get diagnosed? There are plenty of little warning signs that can be addressed long before you reach the BIG STOP sign. All degenerative chronic diseases are called chronic because they are ignored for a long time before they became a threatening challenge to your health. We also cover many other diseases like • gut problems • arthritis • diabetes • autism • cancer • chronic fatigue • allergies • ADHD • lyme’s disease • depression • insomnia • obesity • and many more!

Does this course cover only physical aspects?

In order to TRULY HEAL you need to reconcile all areas of life. These include your thoughts and feelings, trauma, chronic emotional states as well as lifestyle patterns. This program includes all aspects of health and shows you in all areas how to prevent cancer and reverse all degenerative diseases .

Will this course also cover tests and treatments?

Not only that. We have even included links to labs and training videos where you can learn what is relevant in each of the tests. We have also inserted many videos that show treatments and how they are performed even at home. You can even learn how to make use of all the different treatments at the comfort of your home.

Can I study this course on my phone or tablet?

How to prevent cancer and reverse all degenerative diseases can be accessed on all computers and devices with access to an internet connection and a web browser. The beauty of this is as long as you have a internet connection you can study in the comfort of your home.

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson video varies in length from approximately 3 min to 20 min. All videos and charts are optimised to the smallest possible size to prevent high download rates.

How much time do I have to finish the course?

As long as it takes. Your access to How to prevent cancer is indefinite and will be updated with new insights as we make them. You will be informed of new lessons and new videos as they become available.

Do you provide lecture material?

All slides, charts and forms are integrated into the course. You will find them in the transcript underneath. Just click on the image and it opens up in full size.

There is another popup box where I am asked to subscribe?

This box only appears once per device.  When you have subscribed you are cleared for the course. We have inserted this box only for new visitors who stumble on to any of the pages by accident. Because we want them to start from the beginning we have added this precaution.

HOW TO PREVENT CANCER covers these topics

The Physical Body


The PHYSICAL body allows us to measure and test all imbalances, toxic pollutants, deficiencies, inflammation markers, DNA impairments, acidosis and oxygenation. We can test and check and resolve all contributing factors that prevent healing and cause disease.


The VITAL body describes our lifestyle habits and unconscious patterns that can lead to disease but also to a fast recovery. Simple environmental issues like a toxic environment or EMF as well as sleep, diet and exercise can make the difference.

dot-red Prevent Cancer

The TRULY HEAL protocol promotes TREATMENTS which imitate the natural healing reactions of the body and increases the effects manifold. All treatments can be performed by healthy people as well as patients. The only effect is a boost to your health and extreme well being.


The EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL body can be the sole cause of disease or a major contributor to your recovery. Either way both are key factors in the TRULY HEAL protocol that can not be ignored if you strive for maximum health and a speedy recovery.

What People are Saying About “TRULY HEAL YOURSELF”

I have been treated holistically in 3 clinics. 2 in USA and one in Germany. I have seen 5 doctors, 3 naturopaths and had every possible test to no avail. Almost $85K and my cancer still kept on growing. In my desperation I almost signed up to chemo therapy. Then I attended a Truly Heal workshop in USA which showed me a completely different approach to health.

“How to prevent cancer and reverse it” outlined a protocol which helped to systematically rule out everything that made me sick. That’s when it became obvious that no one had ever checked for infections of which I had galore. All symptoms had pointed to this problem. From childhood on I had tonsillitis, ear infections, jaundice and so on. All signs that my body was not able to fend off infections.

Shortly after my results came back I started once a week hyperthermia, rectal ozone and IV infusions primed with PEMF to reduce the load and to stimulate my immune system. Within 9 months my cancers started to soften and today almost 2 years later I have only scar tissue left in my left breast and a happy future ahead with my daughter.

If you are uncertain of what to do, follow step by step this program “How to prevent cancer” and search for all possible causes. Once you find and resolve them your body heals on it’s own. [*]

Jenny Lillian McCollin – Regina CA

How to prevent cancer and reverse it is the only cancer education program which includes the mind and emotions in an equal manner as physical treatments.

STRESS is a killer and to identify stress in different areas of my life was my saving grace. Once I managed to reduce relationship-stress and learned to cherish my partners as teachers instead of a pain in the … my cancer stopped growing.

We are now working with a TRULY HEAL coach and I love how everything changes once I realized that every problem is an opportunity to grow and evolve. Thank you so much for such a spiritually advanced program. [*]

Philip Berger – Achen GER

I have attended the 2 day life workshop of this presentation in New York with Marcus and was blown away but his competence. Even though Marcus is not a doctor, he managed to explain 7 different faculties better than many of the professors I know. Everything was to the point and COMMON SENSE!

If only medicine would be taught at schools like this. Students would not overflow with useless information but with an understanding how all systems interact with each other and how they could help to create homeostasis and a healing environment. [*]

Tamy Delcosta ND

[*] Results may vary from person to person!

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