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PEMF is a very powerful therapy to recharge your batteries. Patients with chronic degenerative diseases have been drained of energy for a long time. The healing, repair, inflammation, pain and suffering all cost dearly and slowly deplete your reserves.

Especially diseases like cancer where the body has to fight infections, floating cancer stem cells as well as the toxins produced by the tumour reserves are gone in no time. Infectious diseases as well use ups all reserves in a matter of days.

We all know how tired you feel just from having a flue. Now imagine a 100 x worse infections smouldering away all of your healing power. No wonder healing is almost impossible. Your immune system can hardly cope with the disease, not to speak of the repair and inflammation. If you then add a food sensitivity or a bit of stress on top you don't need to wonder that you run dry in no time.

This is where PEMF comes in as a safe and reliable recharge station. In this video I will show you in great details how to recharge your energy, induce healing in areas that need support and how to treat specific conditions with PEMF. ENJOY.


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