PEMF Fantastic For Cancer Patients

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies …

Jennifer Kimberley (PEMF) are delivered quietly, easily, comfortably and inexpensively. If you are wondering how you can best improve your immunity and strengthen your body to deal with cancer of any kind, a PEMF unit is a fine answer.

What You Can Experience With Just One PEMF Treatment

What an eye-opener! My PEMF treatment in April 2014 dramatically changed my blood as seen in a dark field microscope. It infused it with energy.

  • Before PEMF, the red cells were loitering around in clumps – known as “coin roll” blood;
  • After PEMF, they were separated, each moving around ready to get to work delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body cells. Their outside membranes were unglued from each other and able to carry oxygen.
  • Before PEMF, the white cells were standing on street corners watching pathogens go by, too dysfunctional to go after them;
  • After PEMF, my leukemic dysfunctional white cells were still doing nothing BUT the normal ones were cruising. They were weaving their way in and out among the red cells, chasing down pathogens.

blood 1

When the nurse put the slide in the microscope, she also turned on a timer and after some other conversation with me, she said, “Well, your blood cells kept moving for 7 minutes.”

I said, “Is that a long time?”

“No,” she said. “With more PEMF treatments, it could be 30 or 40 minutes. They didn’t have enough energy yet to keep moving that long.”

But one PEMF treatment got them off the couch and onto their feet. I wanted more. There’s no limit on how many PEMF treatments anyone can have – several a day if you like.

Benefits of PEMF

PEMF increases blood flow, bringing more oxygen to body cells and boosting cell metabolism. We have lost a lot of the natural electro-magnetic energy from planet earth that people took for granted years ago. According to ongoing measurements of Earth’s magnetic field, it now measures at 0.5 gauss instead of the estimated 5.0 gauss of about 4,000 years ago. And our 0.5 gauss is distorted by legions of mobile phones, satellite signals, and all the electrical vibrations of our high-tech lives.

The pulsed electro-magnetic energy of a PEMF treatment gives the body fuel to create cellular energy and this helps us heal ourselves not just of cancer, but also of all degenerative diseases. We have 70 trillion cells, all with specific jobs to accomplish and by giving them extra magnetic energy, PEMF will:

  • Kill cancer cells;
  • Stimulate production of DNA and RNA;
  • Increase calcium distribution and absorption, which would help strengthen bones and joints;
  • Stimulate endorphin release;
  • Stimulate cellular repairs;
  • Increase collagen production for better skin elasticity;
  • Speed up detoxification of both organs and cells

It can also reduce swelling and its associated pain and provide many other benefits too numerous to list here.

How to Use a PEMF Unit

First, get a comfortable chair and relax. PEMF use is a time to let go of tension and worry and to visualize your health improving. The unit itself fits easily on a table top. There are two large coils that transmit the electro-magnetic energy – they have different shapes for different places on the body. There is also a mat for full body treatment. Each coil has two plugs that insert into the front of the PEMF machine. Controls are simple.

You start at a low strength that pulses faster and more gently. Then you can turn the dial up to a very high strength that pulses more slowly and harder, or set it anywhere in between.

Choose From a Variety of Models

If you have been given a cancer diagnosis or if you’d like to prevent such an event, consider PEMF treatments to strengthen your immune system and enhance your body’s functionality.

  • The Curatron-Coil is $5,580.00 and very suitable for home use;
  • The Curatron-PC is $7,000.00 comes with software, a connecting cable, and optional applicators such as a therapy pad or a full mattress. And of course an operation manual.

There are other models too. It depends on your plans, needs, and budget. Why not “treat” yourself? A PEMF unit is a great investment towards ongoing good health and will serve you and your family for a lifetime.

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