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Paula Burchart – Petawawa, Ontario

Paula Burchart is a dedicated Truly Heal Coach who implemented the Truly Heal protocol into her own life and cured herself of chronic inflammation. A practitioner of biofield therapy (energy based approach with roots in ancient healing) she understands that health is a reflection not only of the self but is a collective response to lifestyle and habits.

Her pursuit of knowledge comes from a place of compassion that has been activated through lived experiences of sickness within her own family and the witnessing of advanced methods of healing at holistic clinics that offer personalized therapy.

Her goal is to enable people to reunite with their natural state of health and create a ripple effect in healing. She is a straight-forward, clear communicator who uses narratives to share her experiences. To find out more on who she is, read her blog post here.


I will work with people who are suffering, afraid, angry, losing hope, up for a challenge and who are prepared to address the real issue. I want clients who are curious and daring, ready to make lifestyle changes and take responsibility for their part in the development of their disease.

If you are ready to trade in old beliefs, habits and worn out practices that weaken your immune system, malnourish and pollute your body and mind and soul, then join me in a step by step individualized program that will uncover the root cause of your disease and lead to a resurrection of health and vitality.

I believe that the best way to stop disease is to address health issues before they become a chronic problem. That's why I am open to working with clients who are interested in prevention and those wishing to obtain a healthy body weight, as well as young women who are thinking about starting a family and wish to provide a safe and healthy inner and outer environment for their baby.


You can contact Paula via the form to the right. Simply fill in your details and be quite specific in what you expect from Paula.

Phone Number: 1-613-687-2162

email: [email protected]


If you want to find out more about Paula's journey and what motivated her to become a certified TRULY HEAL cancer & health coach please read her articles below.


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