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Pami – Louisville, Kentucky

Pami's journey for self-healing and assisting others in their healing process started two decades before she proudly became a Certified Health Coach with Truly Heal in January 2015.

“Looking forward, I’m very excited about my opportunity to reach out to more people in even more ways. Being open to new possibilities and ways of health and treatment is so critical to our health.”

Pami is a Licensed Board Certified Massage Therapist in Kentucky, working with people since 1994. She has been certified in Bikram yoga since 2000 and is now spending her time at Yogaville.org and enjoying Integral Yoga. She is also a staff volunteer there when time permits.

She has invested her life in helping others. Pami can help you on your journey of finding true health because she has walked the walk and talks the talk, she is still alive because of it. Having already faced Cancer in 2008, Environmental Illness, Autoimmune disease, Lyme Disease, Histoplasmosis, Eating disorder, etc., she believes these obstacles have been presented to her as educational moments and the learning she has acquired is going to help you on your path to healing. “Everything that comes to us in our lives is put there to teach us and make us stronger.”

Pami will help you to focus on what is needed for healing and health. She has been plant based for decades. She has detoxified her life and home and can help you in all these areas.

No issue is to large to tackle… Pami will walk you through step by step in your quest for better health along your journey of your life. Truly Heal is an amazing program that she can guide you through.

Pami is “Your Partner in Wellness”

Pami, LMT, Truly Heal Coach



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