With Marcus Freudenmann

Learn how Ozone can be used to treat many chronic degenerative diseases like  diabetic neuropathy, ulcers, leisons, cancer, leaky gut, sinus and ear infections, as well as lymes disease and other chronic illness

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What You'll Learn on the Live Webinar:

  1. How Ozone can be used to heal tight junction to reverse Leaky gut, Ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease, IBS, IBD, and many secondary disease caused by increased gut permeability.
  2. Discover how to successfully treat Diabetic neuropathy, Infected poor healing wounds, Open legs, Diabetic ulcers, Venous leg ulcers, Pressure ulcers and Leisons.
  3. You will also learn how to support Cancer Patients by reducing their pathogenic bacteria and viral load, improving oxygenation, detoxifying petrochemicals and boosting their immune response.
  4. Learn how to treat successfully Sinus infections, Ear infections and Vaginal Yeast infections without any side effects or risk. 
  5. We will also cover how to treat Infectious diseases like Lyme's disease, HIV and Hepatitis C with Ozone

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