Welcome to my Ozone Research. My name is Marcus Freudenmann. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose, treat or give medical advice with these videos. I share with you what I have learned from extensive research and from interviewing and editing hundreds of doctors for the documentary "CANCER is curable NOW" and "I Love Ozone",

There are so many treatments and therapies available in other countries that I have decided to share with you how they work and what they are used for.  I have personally tried and tested every treatment and do not share hear say. 

All treatments that I show you have published research studies. You can find these studies on the training pages. I do hope this information offers you alternatives, which you and your health practitioner may investigate further.  

Ozone Therapy is one of the best remedies to heal tight junctions and the mucus associates lymphatic tissue which is in your mouth, sinus infections, toncils, skin, gut, vagina and colon. All of these areas can be treated with ozone therapy very successfully.

Below you find some of the most effective treatments indicated with research tables and charts. Please follow the instructions in the videos to be safe.

Sinus Treatments with Ozone Therapy

Nasal O3 treatments is very effective already at very low concentrations of 16mg/l to 23mg/l.  Repeat up to 3 x per day. This treatment can tickle and cause discomfort in the beginning as bacteria die off. You will also have a lot of snot coming from your sinus area which will eventually clean out. Just don't do this treatment before you have an important meeting. You may be indisposed.

Sinus is directly linked to your GUT

There is a direct link between your gut mucosa and the mucosa in your sinus. Both are mucus associated lymphatic tissue which help keep the outside world outside and the inside well protected and sterile.

Therefore 80% of your immune system is living in your mucus membrane. When you eat foods which trigger a food sensitivity or allergy you will inevitably feel a reaction in your sinus.

For most patients this shows in form of hey fever or other sinus reactions which over time turn into chronic inflammation and pass filled sinus cavities.

Sinus Infections

Ozone Therapy as we know heals tight junctions and restores a healthy mucus membrane. It is therefore important that you combine the nasal treatment with rectal ozone insufflations based on the Cuba protocol. This will speed up your recovery and help you keep sinusitis away for good.

Inhaling Ozonites

Rectal Insufflation with Ozone

Always remember. Ozone applied externally is good and will do a good job but if combined with rectal systemic Ozone insufflations you will increase the effects hundredfold. Therefore not only treat your nose, but also the colon which will systemically effect all your body systems. 

Always use  Ozone O3 fresh.

If you need to transport Ozone please consider the decomposition chart to the right. You can roughly say that O3 decomposes in 2 hours to half the value. So when you create a concentration of 80mg/l you have in 2 hours around 40mg/l.  But only if you keep the Ozone in the insufflation bag covered with ice chips in a cooling container or keep it in a fridge.  As soon as you reach room temperature the concentration dissolves back into O2 and water/condensation. 

truly heal ozone treatment ozone insufflation kit

Safety of Rectal  Ozone O3 treatments.

In a controlled study in Germany 716 patients were treated with 46,984 ozone insufflations with no system or product related incidents or adverse reactions. Only in patients with severe IBS a few minor transient irritations in the form of flatulence have been observed.  

Based on the results and evidence of the study outcome Rectal Ozone Insufflation was listed within the clinical range of evidence based medicine. 

Ozone Concentration and Dosage

Rectal ozone concentrations for systemic preventative and immune supporting applications are recommended with a concentration of 10 to 40 mg/l with a volume of 150 - 300 ml for adults and 10 - 30 ml for children.  

truly heal ozone treatment ozone insufflation kit

Only for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, haemorrhages, haemorrhoids, proctitis stage 1 and 2,  anal fistulae, rectal, prostrate and colon cancer concentrations of 70 - 90 mg/l  are recommended with small volumes of 50ml 3 - 5 times on a daily basis. This is reduced to 27mg/l with 100 - 300 ml volumes for maintenance 2 - 3 times per week.  

Here is a list of indications with best results based on clinical research for  rectal ozone insufflation


O3 Concentration

O3 Volume


No. of Treatments

Local Effects





Ulcerative colitis,
proctitis stage 1 and 2,
anal fistulae,
rectal, prostrate and colon cancer



daily at first
then 1 -2 x  per week

then maintenance
which is like
Cuba protocol. 



150ml - 300ml

2 - 3 x   per week

4 weeks then check

Anal Fistulae

10 - 42mg/l


Daily at first
then 2 x per week

4 weeks then check

Systemic Effects

General immune
activation, infections,
prevention, elderly



2 x per week

Series of 10 treatments
2-3 x per year

Arterial circulatory



2 x per week

Series of 10 treatments 
2-3 x per year

Diabetic angiopathy



2 x per week

In compliance
with patient


Before chemo / radiation




6 - 10 treatments

During, after, without
chemo / radiation



2 x per week

In compliance
with patient

Viral / Bacterial Diseases

Hepatitis B/C, Lyme
and other infections

25 mg/l


daily at first
then 1 - 3 x per week

Mostly 6 - 12 months

Rheumatoid Arthritis

20 - 27mg/l


2 x per week

In compliance
with patient

Cuba Protocol






1L / min

3/4L / min

1/2L / min

1/4L / min








150 ml








Combine with Neti Pot to achieve better results. 

A neti pot is a great tool to rinse and clean out the sinus cavities. You can use salt water or  ozone water. If combined with ozone gas insufflation into the nasal cavity the results are simply spectacular because even old chronic sinusitis disappears just after a few days without any side effects.

The key to success is that you do the treatment repeatedly until the worst is over and then continue on a maintenance​ program for at least 2 to 3 months with 2 - 3 treatments per week. This way even old deep seated bacteria can be eliminated and cleaned out. 

Research is only available in Russia

[Ozone therapy in patients with chronic purulent frontal sinusitis].
Muminov AIKhushvakova NZh

Inflammatory diseases of the front sinuses, rather common now, run often an atypical complicated cpirse. 102 patients with chronic purulent frontal sinusitis received treatment consisting in irrigation of the paranasal sinuses with ozone-oxygen mixture. A total of 5-7 procedures were given (one course). The control group of 30 patients was treated conventionally. 89% of the irrigated patients recovered in half the time than the controls.

[The efficacy of using ozone preparations in the combined treatment of paranasal sinusitis].
Petrov GMKudriavtsev BPAkulich II

In controllable study efficiency of application of ozone preparations in 39 patients with acute and chronic purulent maxillary polysinusitis was studied. Purulent maxillary sinusitis, which in 44% was combined with frontitis and in 56%--with fronto-ethmoiditis was diagnosed in all patients.

Besides traditional therapy all patients were washed out daily inflamed sinuses with 0.9% solution of sodium chloride, saturated of ozone. After washing out the sinuses were aerated during 15-20 minutes through paracentesis needles and catheters with ozone-oxygen mixture, containing 6 mg/l of ozone. Speed of mixture flow--1 1/min. To the half of patient with phenomena of intoxication were introduced I/V 400 ml of physiologic salt solution (ozone concentration--0.8 mg/l). Treatment rate is 3-6 infusions.

In patients pyorrhea and allocation of bacteria stopped 2-3 days earlier, than in control group, level of molecules of average weight was faster reduced to norm in the plasma of blood. Reduction of concentration of molecules of average weight corresponded to essential improvement of patient clinical condition (P < 0.01). Experience of ozone application testified about its high efficiency in paranasal sinusitis treatment.

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Please find the MADRID DECLARATION ON OZONE THERAPY with guidelines and indications here:


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