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Ozone LEAKY GUT Protocol


Stop eating foods that are not good for you. I know this is the hardest part but it's kind of common sense.

A great way to start the healing process is a waterfast for a day or 2. Drink normal water (with electrolytes, vitamin C, or basika) during the day but add a glass of ozone water in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. If you can pull this through you have reduced the healing time by at least a week. A water fast is an excellent start and well worth the sacrifice.

1.) Ozone water to cleanse, support and prepare

Prepare Ozone water. It takes  around 10 min and it's best to use ice cold water. Take a bottle of distilled or filtered water from the fridge and insert the bubble stone on 40mg/l setting (1/4L/min) for 10 to 15 min.

When the water is prepared gurgle 2 or 3 times and spit the water out.  Then fill half a glass with fresh Ozone water and drink it.

This will be your Monday to Friday routine 2 to 3 times per day to kill off all stomach related bacteria, candida, yeast infections and to increase the oxygen uptake.

There is plenty of evidence that ozone water kills Helicobakter pylori which is a nasty bacterium that is very hard to treat otherwise. Russian research studies confirm a 82% success rate.

2.) Rectal insufflations for a systemic effect

Rectal insufflations are used as a systemic therapeutic application as it is easy to do and kind of non-invasive.

Rectal insufflations are done after defecation. Please clear your bowel before the application of Ozone.

Best would be if you can do an enema before the treatment. The patient lies on their side and inserts a lubricated silicone catheter into the rectum where the ozone gas is slowly released.

Ozone rectal insufflations are VERY easy to do and non-invasive. The patient lies on their side and insets a lubricated silicone catheter into the rectum where the ozone gas is then slowly released. Rectal insufflations provide a systemic therapeutic effect and can be done within minutes. There have been no adverse effects experienced apart from minor flatulence and bloating post the therapy.

Follow the Protocol below and slowly increase the quantity and concentration of the Ozone - Oxygen mix over 4 weeks​


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Always use Fresh

Ozone gas has a shelf life of approximately one hour at room temperature therefore delivery and generation of ozone should be done right before treatment. It is important to use medical grade oxygen to avoid nitrogen and other impurities. This means you use only pure oxygen to produce the ozone and not an oxygen compressor. The concentration of ozone, the duration and frequency of treatments vary depending on the type of medical condition presented. Please check the list posted below or in the training videos. 


Although OZONE treatment is truly amazing there are other important complementary therapies/treatments that help support your healing. In the case of leaky gut this is crucial.

Basic Diet Adjustments:

- Eliminatee all food allergens and food sensitivities (food sensitivity diet)

- Avoid dairy and gluten

- Avoid as many processed foods as possible

- Avoid sugar, alcohol, simple carbohydrates

- Get plenty of omega 3 fatty acids

· Include plenty of fresh garlic and onions (natural antibiotic)

· Dark leafy greens for vitamin K intake

· Alkaline your body by eating and drinking alkaline foods and drinks. (No soda's, alcohol or juices)

· Drinking plenty of water

A great diet is the paleo or mediterranean diet where you have little to no grains, little protein and loads of fresh veggies and salads dressed with good oils and fats.The FRESH and SEASONAL factor of this diet plays a vital role.

It is important to personalise a diet and not just recommend a fanatic idea of what's good. Patients with IBS for example can not deal with long chain fatty acids which means if they start the Gaps diet they suffer. If someone is insulin resistant and starts the Gerson protocol they suffer. If someone is low in B vitamins they may suffer on a vegetarian diet. Therefore rather determine what's wrong before you recommend a diet.


- Taking a good probiotic supplement (bacteria count at least in the billion)

- Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid. However, if the immune system is compromised it is said that the body becomes deficient. Glutamine is the preferred fuel source for the cells that line the intestinal tract and for the immune system. It has a vital role in cell growth and functions also as an antioxidant.

- Digestive enzymes

- Aloe vera juice has anti-inflammatory properties along with a natural laxative effect to help clear out the bowels. Aloe is known to sooth and cleanse the digestive tract.

- Zinc, required for 300 enzymatic functions. Numerous studies demonstrate the effects of zinc deficiency on villi height in the GIT, cell reduction, reduced tissue integrity and immune response. Zinc supplementation corrects these observed gastrointestinal tract abnormalities.

- Slippery elm is used for inflammation and ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, gastritis, diarrhea, diverticulitis, enteritis, and constipation. Slippery elm needs to be taken with a higher quantity of water to eliminate risk of constipation

- Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy growth, development and health maintenance. Common deficiency in patients with atrophic gastritis (chronic inflammation of the stomach mucosa).

- Vitamin D3, is required for rregulation of immune function, Regulation of blood pressure and cardiovascular health, Helps prevent at least sixteen different types of cancer including pancreatic, lung, ovarian, prostate, and skin cancers, Vitamin D levels have been associated with insulin secretion by the beta cells of the pancreas as well as insulin activity once released into the bloodstream. It is linked to Alzheimer's, autism, depression, asthma and many more.


Stress, fear, trauma and many other emotions directly affect your Gut and cause inflammation.  You have more nerve cells in your gut than you have in your brain. That's why they all say the gut is your emotional brain. You have gut feelings. You know in your gut that something is right or wrong.

This connection links your gut health directly to your emotional status.

This influence is 2 directional. If you have negative emotions your gut suffers. If you have a bad diet, dysbiosis, inflammation , leaky gut and many other gut related problems you have either, or a combination of poor memory, depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood swings, insomnia and brain fog. The link is direct and influences how you see the world and how you feel about it.

We therefore recommend a 2 directional approach to a healthy gut.

1.) Learn how to resolve stress.

If you have stress with money you can not breathe or tap the stress away because every time a bill arrives in your mail, that you can not pay, the STRESS flairs back up. Rather learn to earn more, save and manage your money better.

If you have stress with your partner or spouse then don't walk away, but rather learn what they try to teach you. Your partner is your training partner and will demand from you what you have not yet mastered. May it be self confidence, self worth and the ability to say NO, or that you become independent. An outside person will be able to help you pin point the lesson much easier.

2.) Support your gut feelings with exceptional foods

As they say LOVE comes through the stomach. There is a truth to this observation as your food produces all the great hormones that make you feel good, passionate, alive and vibrant. If you eat exceptional food you feel energized and bright.

There is a reason rich people who eat in the best restaurants and the best quality food (fresh caught, organic, well prepared and rather small portions) get smarter and more successful every day while the fast food generation drowns in sorrow, poverty and disease. You are what you eat.


Get your O3 Power Bundle which includes everything you need to set up your Ozone clinic at home.

Use Coupon Code "trulyheal" to get the FREE Oil worth $110 plus 10 FREE Catheters worth $52 plus $1 shipping to AU, NZ, US, CA completely free

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