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Learn How To Successfully Treat
HIV, LYME , Hepatitis C, Herpes and many other infectious diseases with OZONE

Learn How To Successfully Treat HIV , LYME , Hepatitis C, Herpes and many other infectious diseases with OZONE. Please also see this article which shows a breakthrough treatment from Germany for Lyme with Video. 

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Bacteria or Virus are not the real danger

Only 1 in 30 infected people will develop Stage 1 Lyme diseases, 1 in 50 will get Stage 2 or 3 Lyme disease, and only 10% of those that have herpes will develop symptoms and be aware of their infection. Infections happen when viruses and bacteria have good conditions and fertile ground to spread and grow.

Consider a fish tank analogy – if you put a freshwater fish into a tank filled with sea water, the fish will die. But, if you have mixed conditions in the water tank, the freshwater fish has chances to survive and thrive. This can be applied to your body. A healthy body will be able to fight against diseases, but a body that has several other problems or is already infected by some other virus, bacteria or mold will get surcome to the disease very easily.

"Let's kill them all!" is a short term solution

Many people think if they kill all the bacteria and virus with whatever means the disease is gone, but these results are only temporary. No matter how you kill them, pathogens have the ability to adapt to the treatment in a very short time and become treatment resistant. These resistant bugs will then spread again in a now even more contaminated environment and cause more damage. Especially treatments which kill the immune system as well are very dangerous.

Our micro biome needs to be healed!

There are many factors that can contribute to a favorable environment where bacteria and virus thrive. Lifestyle, Stress, Deficiencies, Heavy metal toxicity and Co-infections like Mold or latent viral loads from vaccinations. Or all of them together.

infectious-disease-mindmap Infectious Diseases

For a long-term success it is therefore important not only to reduce the pathogenic load, but to to change the environment, repair your body's milieu and make it hostile for infections.This is quite easily done and brings very fast results.