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There are so many treatments and therapies available in other countries that I have decided to share with you how they work and what they are used for.  I have personally tried and tested every treatment and do not share hear say. 

All treatments that I show you have published research studies. You can find these studies on the training pages. I do hope this information offers you alternatives, which you and your health practitioner may investigate further.  

Ear Infections and Ear Treatments With Ozone

There is not much to say about  O3 ear treatments other than that they are very effective already at very low concentrations of 16mg/l to 23mg/l Repeat max 3 x per day. You can use a wet Q-tip to moisten your ears to increase absorption. You can also use a wet Q-tip to blow the Ozone into your ear. This way you increase efficiency of the treatment.

Ears are not to be treated generally. Only use when you have ear infections and bacteria overgrowth. Otherwise you may dry out your ears . ​

Possible Side Effects

I have personally treated my own ear infection and after 2 weeks they started to produce a lot of secretion and itching. My doctor told me to stop the treatment and to build up my antioxidant levels. The skin inside the ear is very sensitive and can get something like an Ozone rash which causes the secretion of a water like substance and a itchy feeling.

He also recommended to lubricate the skin before treatment to increase the effects. His advice was to use a wet Q-tip and to moisten the ear before the treatment. The effects were greatly enhanced and the itching stopped. 

I booked 2 Vitamin C and Glutathione IV treatments and after that had the Ear treatment again without any problems. If you experience the same issue or anything that needs clarification, please stop the treatment and build up your antioxidants first or try after a couple of days if it helps when you use a wet Q-tip and moisten the ear.  It is always recommended to work with a health care provider to ensure you are not causing any harm to yourself.

Please find the MADRID DECLARATION ON OZONE THERAPY with guidelines and indications here:

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