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Nina Nohejlova – Prague, Czech Republic

Nina was passionate about becoming a physician from a very young age. She was surrounded by her family members pursuing careers in the health field as Medical Doctors, Pharmacists and Registered Nurses. However, also at a young age, two major health challenges altered her life path. At the age of 13 she suffered serious brain injury which left half her body temporarily paralysed. Soon after she recovered she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, cystic carcinoma stage 1. After the chemo treatment and 8 months in hospital, her health deteriorated greatly, she suffered from severe chemo brain depression and a severely impaired immune system and lost trust in classic medicine for years.
She studied a Bachelor in Business Administration and then at the age of 24 started studying at a Homeopathic college,  continuing her education with post gradual studies in Homeopathy. Always looking for holistic approaches, she then went through a lot of training in emotional release techniques – The Journey, EFT, The Work – and in the last 4 years a lot of training in 3Principles based coaching.
She experimented a lot throughout the years with almost all nutritional approaches, from Macrobiotics, Raw foods, Vegetarianism and the Paleo approach. She is a certified GAPS practitioner and CEASE therapist and is currently studying clinical PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) in the UK. After years of practice with clients, Nina arrived naturally at the same complex conclusions as Marcus and Sabrina and therefore becoming a Truly Heal Coach felt like a natural next step.
Nina is a keen educator and organises retreats and seminars based on 3Principles coaching.
Working enthusiastically with clients for 15+ years with all kinds of challenges, most of her clientele are highly self motivated people with cancer or infertility and kids with impaired immunity and autism. Being a good researcher she always highly individualises her coaching protocol. She is also her most favourite guinea pig and always tries everything on herself before recommending it to anyone.
Nina is very enthusiastic about prevention of diseases through education. It is much easier to optimise health than to treat a disease – being it prevention of cancer, autoimmunity or birth defects in pregnant women. She also strongly believes that if the epidemic of autism could not be stopped then at least it could be slowed down dramatically with the right nutrition, proper detox methods and optimising the vitamin/mineral deficiencies before conception and mindful care and nutrition of a newborn baby.
She loves her life passionately and deeply believes that no matter how hopeless one may feel, there is always a positive perspective on what life brings along. Her ultimate goal in a few years would be to open a Truly Heal Clinic and Educational centre in the Czech Republic.

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