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My vision for TRULY HEAL

With the onset of the first clubs coming soon I would like to share my vision for TRULY HEAL with you today.

About 15 years ago we started a journey which has led us in circles and detours to what we call today FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE. An intelligent approach to find the root causes of cancer and proven treatments to remove these causes. We have completely gone away from promoting expensive clinics and different hype cancer treatments as long as the basics are not established. Once they are and the body slowly recovers we can add these therapies selectively and check how they work.

  • Denise Belisle says:

    You are a very good teacher and mentor Marcus! I have learned so much from your course and I am now speaking the same language as you. I have the same approach with my clients. There is not one solution. I see healing as a destination and a journey. In order to go where you want to go, you first to ask a very important question: “Where am I starting from?”.

    This is why I will be asking you so many questions when I start coaching you. We are going to take this journey together and look at all the roads that can lead you there and find the right one for you!

    You can see my profile here:

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