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How much MOTIVATION do YOU need?

Some of us need little motivation to change what needs to be changed. While others need a lot. Using the motivational scale which is derived from the universal law of evolution, you should be able to determine at which motivational level you are at in different areas of life.

  • HEALTH: Gentle pain indicating a problems can be tracked all the way to surgery or even demise.
  • FINANCES: Gentle reminders to pay your bills can be tracked all the way to debt collectors and complete bankruptcy.
  • RELATIONSHIP:  Gentle criticism can be tracked all the way to being bullied, beaten and abused.
  • WORK and CAREER: Gentle reminders to optimise your work can be tracked all the way to complete exhaustion.

If you see the increase in pressure as a “pain in the but” you miss the point. This process is not meant to harm. It's a universal law to get you moving. You are not meant to accept your problems as a given, but change them for the better. Everybody can learn how to handle money wisely, how to live a healthy life and how to have respect in their relationship. The universe will keep pushing until you do.

One of the exercises for our coaches and health professionals is to identify at which level of the motivational scale a patient is. Are they highly motivated or not quite yet. This evaluation is very helpful and will give you great advantages in working more effectively.

How long can I ignore a problem before it bites me in my butt. 

Nancy Myers one of our student shared this little story in one of her assignments. It outlines a person's motivational pressure before deciding to work with a coach.

A person reads an article by Dr. Mercola about the health dangers of a high sugar diet and thinks to herself that she indeeds eats a lot of sugar and wonders if she should change her diet. She decides it's too much of a hassle, plus she loves her current diet. (Friendly reminder)

A few months later she goe to the doctor for her annual exam and discovers that her blood sugar levels are in the prediabetic range. She figures it's “pre” and not actual diabetes so she decides her current diet is OK as long as she takes the Metformin the doctor gave her. (Not so friendly reminder)

Her follow up doctor's appointment shows her blood sugar levels are still too high despite the Metformin use. Her doctor sends her to speak with a nutritionist who advises her to cut way back on the sugar consumption, warning that her condition could become worse. (Gentle warning)

The patient considers all of this for a bit and then decides her relatives eat a high sugar diet, have the same gene pool and are doing OK so she decides the dietary change is not worth the sacrifice she would feel. But, within a few weeks she feels so very ill she goes to the emergency room to find that she has extremely high blood sugar levels. (Aggressive warning)

She attempts to get her diet under control and to take her new medication, insulin, as instructed but she feels so deprived when eating a healthier diet that she cheats often. Then one day she wakes up and notices she has lost a lot of eye sight. Once she gets to the doctor she learns that it's due to the high sugar levels and is told that if she doesn't change her ways she'll have even more problems beset her. (Threatening gesture and last warning)

As she lays in a hospital bed suffering she has a clear realization that life is precious and that she is now willing to do whatever it takes to recover. She's going to get a health coach, she's going to surround herself with supportive people, she's going to go to the highly recommended alternative doctor in town. She's going to do what it takes to get well. (Action is taken)

This scales can be applied to any of the 7 areas of life. For example in relationships will the only thing  that changes be the words that describe your situation.

What's your pressure level? 

The most powerful solution to every problem is consciousness. And that's what you get when you check all areas of your life based on the pressure level. How much pressure do I have in matters of Health / Finances / Relationship / Work.

To reduce the pressure all you need to do is to embrace the problem. Learn how to solve it, find support to change the way you think, get outside help from people who know how to deal with the problem.


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