Medical Week Baden Baden

International congress for complementary medicine in Baden Baden. 

I completely forgot how complicated things are in Germany with patent and copyright and all the company secrets that need to be protected by all means. It’s a wonder why they even go to an exhibition to show their products. In Baden Baden I would have needed a press license to film and interview. Since I did not apply and PAY for this license in advance I was almost kicked out when I unpacked my camera. I just managed to get one interview before they caught me which I will post tomorrow.

There were a few massive highlights, which I would like to share with you in form of bullet points.


Heavy metal poisoning in cancer is confirmed.


    • Almost all cancers are related to high levels of either one or multiple heavy metal concentrations like Mercury, Led, Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium and so on. 
    • Tumours are found to have up to 40000 times higher concentrations levels of these heavy metals than healthy tissue. 
    • Heavy metal poisoning can come from your work environment. The paint you use in your house, toys, lipsticks and cosmetics, farming and fertilisers, amalgam fillings, fish and sea food, from the air and even if you live down wind from industry, coal burning and crematoriums.
    • Heavy metal poisoning is always combined with deficiencies. Heavy metals block the receptors of healthy cells and prevent them from taking up the nutrients they need. This combination makes it very dangerous. 
    • Very effective treatments are chelation therapy and very intense detox treatments which have to be planed very carefully. It’s not just done by taking a few supplements. The process of replenishing deficiencies and washing out toxins needs to be done for an extended period of time with careful preparation so that toxins are not re absorbed into the body. Far-Infrared Sauna is a must with heavy metal toxicity and a very gentle detox.

Energy medicine is more consistent than chemical intervention. 


    • Almost all energy medicine treatments help in destroying cancer cells and in arming the body to heal and defends itself much more efficiently. You will find many treatments that show very good results by inducing frequencies, magnetic waves, heat and radio frequencies into the body to establish equilibrium, while chemical substances most of the time have highly controversy opinions and outcomes. 
    • Treatments like Hyperthermia even show that it’s not only the fever but the induced energy that often creates healing reactions in the body by means of activating apoptosis, re differentiation and ATP production. The importance here is the clean signal and the consistent use. 
    • All treatments are extremely enhanced and supported by energy medicine. The same treatment with or without the support of fever, PEMF or laser are less then half as effective. That’s why they are all used in a combination of multiple variations to support the bodies ability to reverse disease
    • Almost all chemical interventions are different in Vitro, (laboratory and petri dish) than in Vivo. Even if stunning results can be shown in the laboratory the effects on a living person are much more influenced by their state of mind, life energy, mental composition, over all body milieu, toxicity and deficiencies. That’s why all remedies and treatments react with every person completely different and common denominator can never be found. Even Curcumin which is one of the prime treatment components in IV treatments can have massive adverse reactions. Nothing chemical reacts in 2 people alike. The above mentioned influences change the outcome each time. 

Energy Medicine for Immune Support

Acute and latent viral infections are a main cause of cancer and many other degenerative diseases.


    • Any viral infection is a massive suppressor of your immune system. Even old and never fully resolved viral infections grow into a monster when not treated effectively. 
    • Treatment does not mean ANTI LIFE  treatments (anti-biotics) but rather support for your white blood cells to deal with latent and acute viral loads. If you use antibiotics, you end up destroying your gut flora and in the long run your immune system. Never really getting rid of the underlying problem. 
    • Treatments suggested in general are ozone in combination with fever / hyperthermia, natural antibiotics, PEMF, laser,Zappers  and immune stimulating remedies. In order to arm your white blood cells many nutrients and vitamins can be added to your supplement list.

Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial support

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  • Schug Andrea

    Hallo Marcus, schön wieder von Dir zu hören. Ich hoffe diesmal kannst du es lesen.
    Wie war die Messe sonst für Dich.
    WEnn du noch in Deutschland bist, kannst du dich gerne melden. Meine Handynummer ist 0178-7728000 in Stuttgart wegen der Gebrauchtgerätebörse MTS Medizintechnik. Liebe Grüße Andrea Maria Schug



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