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Finally complete recovery from Lyme disease

Today I have very good news for you. In fact after searching for almost 1 year I have finally found a logical and conclusive treatment for Lyme which offers complete relief and lasting results. But before I share with you the concept of the treatment lets look at some very important facts that surround this disease.

INFECTED WITH LYME DISEASE (Borrelia burgdorferi)

From a single tick bite a person is infected with approximately 10 to 1000 Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria.

In a healthy environment these bacteria are normally detected by the immune system thus triggering an alarm within the body. This alarm helps bring as many white blood cells (immune police) to the infected area. The body increases the blood flow around the bite which shows as redness and heat indicating local inflammation. The increased blood flow and heat activates the immune system, providing more oxygen for the immune cells (immune police) and helps with detoxification of the infection. In no time the bacteria is eradicated. There are thousands of people infected with lyme who have no symptoms because their immune system was able to eradicate the problem in the first place.

In an unhealthy environment, where the immune system is already overloaded or works under difficult circumstances, it's a completely different story. Here are a few well known contributors that increase the chance of Lyme turning into a severe problem.

  • low cellular oxygen causing anaerobic conditions,
  • metabolic acidosis,
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • co-infections with mold, tropical virus and other bacteria like helikobakter pylori
  • deficiencies of minerals and fatty acids
  • an already compromised immune system
  • stress in the external and internal environment

The infection starts off with a few bacteria escaping into the body and starting to replicate. Every 6 to 12 hours these lyme bacteria double and slowly grow into a large army dedicated to take over the host. These numbers may not sound very dangerous but if you play mathematical drama you can see that from 10 bacteria you get just after a month 10 to the power of 120 bacteria which is too high for a calculator to even show as a number. The replication rate of Borrelia burgdorferi depends on all the above conditions.


Whenever you are infected with Borrelia burgdorferi you are at risk that the disease unfolds into stage 1, 2, or even 3.  This growth can be triggered by a single stressful event like the death of a loved one or when your unconscious dentist drills out an old mercury filling without the proper precautions. Even a co infection like mould or a tropical virus for example can trigger Lyme to grow. This is important to know especially for partners of Lyme disease patients even though they have not yet any symptoms. A kiss with exchange of body fluids can just be as dangerous as a tick bite.

Lyme can lay dormant for years when the living conditions for these bacteria are hostile or when they are kept in check by a healthy immune system. However when they find the right food and fertile environment they thrive.


In most patients with stage 2 or 3 Lyme disease you will find between 3 to 6 of the above described conditions combined. You may have heavy metal toxicity, a co infection or a stressful time. All of this helps the Lyme bacteria to thrive. In fact Lyme needs mercury or Arsenic or Aluminium to really unfold. Heavy metal toxicity reduces the doubling effect by half.

Tat's why all protocols regarding lyme do not only try to get rid of the infectious bacteria and co-infections but also remove heavy metals and replenish deficiencies that prevent your immune system from doing their job. Most treatments that have been used in the past are capable to reduce the bacterial load and to keep your immune system active enough to deal with the Lyme overgrowth but they never really get rid of them all.

The drama of Lyme is that you have more or less 3 tasks which have to be performed at once.

  1. Kill as many Borrelia burgdorferi in the shortest time possible to reduce the threat.
  2. Detoxify the body from heavy metals and co infections
  3. Replenish all deficiencies
  4. Change the milieu so drastically that Lyme can not come back.

Many clinics do all of the above and offer support for when you go home to maintain a healthy status. Unfortunately does this turn into a lifelong task which involves regular fever treatments in moderate heat, ozone insufflations and a very good diet combined with supplement.


Data demonstrated that strains of Borrelia burgdorferi PKo and ATCC 35210 were impaired at temperatures of 37 C and inhibited 40C, respectively. Strain ATCC 35211, however grew well up to 39C, but did not multiply at 40C. A bactericidal effect (dying of Borrelia burgdorferi) was seen at 41 c for the strains B31 and PKo and at 42 c for all strains.

This means during a prolonged fever of 42.5 C all Borrelia burgdorferi die off.

Fever can eliminate the bacterial growth of Lyme disease completely. Unfortunately is 42 C fever very close to the coagulation temperature of proteins, which means this treatment, needs to be performed in a clinical environment with all safety monitors and professional medical staff. It’s NOT a home treatment. Especially because the head needs to be in the hyperthermia tent as well, so that all bacteria are killed.

In the clinic the patient is sedated and put to sleep for 5 hours, which is the length of the treatment. Through the sedation the treatment is less stressful and far more convenient. Usually 2 x 5 hours intense hyperthermia treatment combined with IV infusions, local hyperthermia and MAHT Ozone are required to eradicate the problem once and for all.

intense hyperthermia for Lyme disease

In week 3 all Lyme bacteria as well as all other co-infections are dead and need to be removed. The toxic load in the body is huge and requires severe measures. In the clinic they use Afarese (blood wash) which is a huge advantage over all other treatments. For this the patient is connected to a device, which cleans the blood through different filters and eliminates inflammation, neurotoxins, heavy metals, and all other impurities so that the patient immediately feels better. This detoxification process is accompanied with an IV supplementation program to replenish all the good minerals, which are filtered out as well.

Apheresis for Lyme disease

Included in the price you also get a hefty dose of fresh cell therapy to help with the restoration of muscle and nerve cells that have been destroyed by the bacteria. The last week of the therapy deals with the repair of the damage that the bacterium has caused. Like a wood worm has caused damage to the tree so did the lyme bacteria destroy plenty of nerves and cells. All this needs time to regenerate and heal.

Here Ozone plays a vital role. For your body to have the energy to repair tissue it needs excess oxygen which you get in form of daily ozone therapy. Either via rectal insufflation or MAHT your energy status is boosted with daily Ozone treatments .

After the 3 weeks of treatment the patient leaves with a new lease on life.


I am sure you are now very curious how much this treatment will cost you. For our two week basic Lyme disease treatment we have a special package price of 15000 including everything you need to eliminate lyme from your body.

If you want to stay 3 weeks in your private room with excellent food close to the Bavarian alps, including all treatments, IV's we offer one additional week focussed completely on detoxification and regeneration therapy.   This special package is charged with 6800 and will help you to regain your former self.

It's probably less than you expected. Compared to a life in pain, agony, endless antibiotics and the inability to enjoy life the price is a bargain. And in case you don't have the money why don't you or your loved ones organise a fund raiser. There are thousands of people out there willing to help if you provide them with a sound solution and a good protocol which has already helped over 1600 people.  I am certain they will help you too. “Ask and it shall be given”

Reserve your Spot.

Without having filled out the application below you will not be able to get a room. Our doctors need to know your condition, diagnose and symptoms before they can book your spot.

  • Janice Williamson says:

    Hi, please send me a quote on how much Lyme treatment is. Please include clinic description. Thank you, Jan

  • Catriona Glazebrook says:

    Hi – Your form is not accepting my information and inquiry.
    Please contact me

    • Hello Catriona
      The form works again. Sorry it was an update which blocked the form.

      For our two week basic Lyme disease treatment we have a special package price of €15000 including everything you need to eliminate lyme from your body.

      If you want to stay 3 weeks in a private room with excellent food close to the Bavarian alps, including all treatments, IV’s we offer one additional week focussed completely on detoxification and regeneration therapy. This special package is charged with €6800 and will help you to regain your former self.

  • You misspelled Lyme as Lime….The Lime break though?

  • Ingrid Cano says:

    After a year of battling against BB alone and confused I have taken matters into my own hands and have come across your clinic. I am weaker by the day and after a year on anti biotics I have had to choose another direction. I am interested in taking the 3 week course, will it definitely cure me? Once upon a time I was so full of life ,I do not know who I am any more….

  • Devinia Amyss says:

    Could you send me more details. I have late stage Lyme.

  • suzannie247 says:

    How do I reserve a spot?

  • Hi I would like a break down of the price for myself and my husband. He has blood work that shows Lyme disease I don’t but I have many symptoms. Thank you. We would love raise money for this and if we are successful in healing we will definitely be promote this.

  • Donald Koonce says:

    How long has the clinic been treating chronic lyme with this protocol? Can you provide testimonials from patients that were treated with this protocol, especially from when you started using this protocol. There are a lot of co-infections that are seen with late stage/long term lyme patients, like Babiesia, Candida Tropicalis, and many others. Does this protocol take care of them also?

  • Has there been any success treating children (age 13)with the hyperthermia therapy?

    • Children respond to fever therapy much better than any adult but because of legal issues you will find very few doctors and clinics do the treatment. Even if you as a parent deny conventional therapy and rather do hyperthermia at home you break the law. It’s heartbreaking but they have a strong grip on children and how they are treated. If it was me I would do the treatment and not tell anyone. You can always ease into therapy very slowly and carefully to avoid any stress of unforeseen side effects.

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