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Jacques Boudreau – New Brunswick, Canada

I offer Truly Heal Evaluations, Testing, Coaching, Far Infrared Sauna and Essential Oils. I also aim to support, guide, and encourage people, walking step by step with them to make them accountable for taking action for their lifestyles changes, habit changes etc.

How my life started : I was born with eczema from head to toe. The doctor told my parents there was nothing he could do for me, and I probably had two weeks to live. My father went into the woods got bark from a certain tree – mom broil – strained it and applied it to my skin. Three days later my skin was all cleared. Natural does work.

I was very active in sports, never sick. At twenty-six as owner and president of my “Custom Build Homes Co. “, with long hours, six days per week and lots of stress. At 33 years young, cancer popped-up, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. After 13 years of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, the head hospital Oncologist told me no conventional treatment would cure my cancer. I decided to see a doctor in Toronto for a bone marrow transplant, he told me with my own bone marrow I had a 15% chance to survive. I didn't hesitate at all, I kind of knew in my heart that everything was going to be OK. I just couldn't leave my family behind. Again the chemicals didn't work but my own bone marrow did.
I've always like to help people. It started with children, coaching soccer and hockey. Then a lot of volunteer work as president of our credit union, director of the parrich counsil, director of Shediac minor hockey, president of high school parent comity and member of Knight of Columbus. I started helping family and friends with their health and nutrition over fifteen years ago. The more people I helped, the better I felt.

Contact me at:

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