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Is Celery Juice The New Miracle Cure?

All over the internet we find claims that celery juice “cures” all kind of diseases varying from digestive complaints such as IBS to pain, adrenal fatigue, sinusitis, skin diseases, chronic arthritis and many more.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a single food or drink which could guarantee wellness and make all our ailments magically go away?

The vast amount of dreamlike claims found online may be unfounded but we cannot deny that celery is an extremely healthy plant. Celery contains bioactive phytonutrients which demonstrate therapeutic properties as well as contain vitamins A, K, B2, B6, C, folate, potassium and manganese.

The components that make celery a healthy food source are flavonoids such as apigenin and luteolin.

Flavonoids especially apigenin is known for its anti-cancer and chemo preventive properties. Studies have shown that apigenin could be a useful compound to prevent proliferation and migration of cancer cells as well as cancer stem cells. In melanoma it was found to suppress cell proliferation and tissue invasion as well as induce cell suicide in melanoma cells.

Luteolin and apigenin may also offer protection against certain brain diseases. A 2005 review study (on rats) found that that apigenin limits damage to a variety of brain processes, thereby delaying and slowing the progression of Alzheimer.

Chronic inflammatory processes are beneficially influenced by apigenin. This includes auto-immune diseases, arthritis and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Celery leaf extract has proven in a 2014 study to show a significant decrease in low density (LDL) or bad cholesterol in rats after 30 days.

But all of the therapeutic benefits including its potency as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and cholesterol lowering effect are not exclusive to celery. Many plants contain these properties, such as: oranges, parsley, onions, celeriac and sweet red pepper.

Furthermore, there is also a specific downside to celery juice. By juicing any plant, we consume an amount which is normally not achieved by eating the plant whole.

Therefore, compounds within the category of “furanocoumarin phytoalexins”, called bergapten and xanthotoxin can cause photosensitization and are also photomutagenic and photocarcingogenic. In other words, after consuming large amounts of celery juice a toxic dermal skin reaction can occur with exposure to sunlight (UVA rays) which results in cellular damage of the skin and increases mutation of DNA.

Animal studies have also exemplified that the juices from both celery and parsley downregulate cytochrome P450 (CYP450) enzymes, which is important to Phase 1 liver detoxification.

During the phase 1 pathway, toxic metabolites and metals (from food, water, air and drugs) are converted into less harmful chemicals through many chemical reactions induced by CYP-450 enzymes.

In general, we don’t want to slow down phase 1 detoxification as it could lead to recirculation of toxins.

Additionally, it could prolong the half-life of drugs metabolized by these enzymes and therefore prolonging their action, possibly leading to increased side effects.

So depending on your liver function (especially if Phase 1 is already slow) too much celery juice could be bad for your detoxification.

What can we do?

I believe everything in moderation is the way to go. Our health cannot be fixed with one magic product or one magic plant as awesome as that would be. Vegetable or celery juice in combination with a holistic approach can be a powerful addition to any treatment or health journey. Nonetheless, on a final note, no matter how many health benefits a product may possess, anything in excess can cause problems.

Please share your thoughts below!


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  • Ann-Marie says:

    Dear Marcus

    I love your common sense approach. I was having pure celery juice in the morning for a couple of months and am not sure of the benefits. Overall, the foods and supplements I have been taking have improved my skin so much and brightened my eyes so I can not pinpoint to one thing. A lot of it could be to do with the fact that the major stress in my life which was work is now gone. It’s been replaced by cancer though! Mind you, I can meditate and relax my way through that one.

    Right now I don’t feel like having pure celery juice, or any juices for that matter. I’m sick of eating salads and am looking for boosts from fish, meat and offal a couple times a week. I’m inclined to listen to my body and it seems to be saying enough is enough with food crazes and paranoia.

    I’m jumping off the cancer diets fear wagon and buying into joyful eating again which can be still be done easily within healthy parameters.

  • Very insightful info. Thank you. My dad always said you can eat anything IN MODERATION.

    I’d suggest taking off 2 days a week when drinking 16 ounces of celery juice daily. I used to do this all the time when taking vitamins.

  • Marcus I had the same reaction to Celery as JP. It’s funny in the video but in reality not so much. I thought I had to push through and keep going but felt really crap after 6 days. So I had to stop. I guess not everything is good for everyone.

    • True. I have found that slightly blanched, stir friend or just steamed and I have no problems with digestion, feel 100 times better and my body thrives. If I stick to raw and especially juicing my body tells me “that not for you” vehemently.

  • Thanks for making me laugh. The alternative world is so serious and so fanatic in many ways that this was a refreshing change.

    • Hello Andree, when I was searching for a picture I came across this video and found it a true reflection of my own experience. I had to laugh and when you read comments a lot of people have experienced the same.

  • I checked out this guys youtube and he is hilarious. I like the way he showcases the stupidity of dogmatic believes. I guess everything has it’s opposite. I had the same problems and gave up. Too exhausting and unpredictable. I am juicing daily and love it but pure celery was too much for me.

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