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Hyperbaric Ozone with Dr. Frank Schallenberger

Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy with Dr. Frank Schallenberger

Hyperbaric is a word we know from oxygen chambers where Oxygen is forced into the body under atmospheric pressure. The result is that Oxygen is not only taken up by the red blood cells but also by the plasma.

The same principle is used in Hyperbaric Ozone therapy during MAHT (Major Autohemotherapy). First 100ml of blood is taken from the patient and then Ozonated under pressure in the flask. This slight pressure pushes the blood back into the patient a bit faster than a normal drip. Once the container is almost empty the process is repeated and blood is pulled out again with a vacuum until 100ml are back in the flask ready for ozonisation.

This form of ozonating the blood under pressure can be repeated up to 10 times in one session with the help of Heparin to prevent the blood from clotting. Doctors usually start with a 3 pass to see how the patient responds.

I had several 5 to 8 pass treatments and felt each time slightly euphoric and energised. No wonder with so much Oxygen in my blood. I also noticed that after a few of these multi pass treatments that my eyesight had changed. I first assumed it got worse but after checking with the optometrist my sight had improved by 1 dioptric on both eyes. Even my near sight has slightly improved which is very uncommon at my age. As I had no other treatment besides very intense Ozone therapy for the past 2 months it seems this was one of the many effects this treatment had on me.

When we arrived in Santa Barbara at the “FRONTIERS IN OZONE 2 CONFERENCE” I learned that improved eyesight was one of the many effects of ozone therapy doctors noticed.

Ozone seems to work in everybody differently as it activates your own healing powers. Most get a better skin, hair stops falling out and in many cases starts growing again (I am still hoping for this effect to take hold) and overall conditions improve. Others recover from infections, fatigue and brain fog.

That's why Ozone therapy is used for so many different conditions. In my case my pain in my sacral and Achilles tendonitis completely disappeared in a matter of days.



Hear Dr Shallenberger , Dr Mollica and Harris, Dr Silvia Menendez and Dr Fadi Sabbah and more!

Ozone may not be the fastest treatment as it can take weeks for you to notice the change but it always works. Dr. Schallenberger said it's very often after the 8th or 9th treatmend that the effects become obvious. What happens before may be invisible but never the less important for your recovery.  After hearing testimonials from so many patients and doctors I can only say DO IT and don't stop before you are on top of the world. The effects will set in guaranteed.

If you wish to have Hyperbaric Ozone therapy for yourself feel free to contact Dr. Schallenberger in his clinic in Carson City, NV 89703  Phone: (775) 884-3990 . It's definitely worth the trip. Or find a doctor in your area that offers hyperbaric ozone Therapy. This form of Ozone is especially important if you have advanced Lyme, MS, Cancer or any other chronic degenerative disease.

  • I have taken ozone sauna for 22 years and it is just fantastic… Also the reason why ozone works so well can be explained in an other way. Connected to our food.

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