WOW we have another 9/11 in the alternative cancer world. Doctors are being killed because they found a new drug to cure cancer, autism and many more of these deadly diseases! 

BUT the government, pharmaceutical companies and other BIG greedy monsters conspire against alternative medicine and we are all doomed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a load of nonsense.

Sorry for my language but I really don't like how everybody shares and pushes sensational information to create HYPE. This is why no one takes our work serious. We loose credibility and trust of those who need our help.

Have you listened to the video Mike Adams promotes as a conspiracy? It's about a 10 year old remedy warmed up and hyped into oblivion.

I observed patients on GcMAF for years with very little results. My best friend died wile on this drug. He spent thousands of $$ to import it illegally into the country to no avail.  So don't buy into everything that is made big by propaganda.

Dr. Rau confirms in our documentary “TRULY HEAL from CANCER” that some of his patients respond with a very strong immune boost, but to promote it as a big break through is certainly NOT realistic.

There are a lot of factors that can negate the results of GcMAF and many of them are discussed in our TRULY HEAL Yourself Guide.

GcMAF has been discovered by Dr. Yamamoto and has been promoted by Marcos Rogero as a cancer cure since many years and I know a lot of doctors who have started this treatment and then dropped it again because they did not see significant results.

When you put your head to the ground and read forums and patient reports you will find that results are minimal to mediocre. Only very few patients report stunning recoveries but you never know if they have combined this remedy with a massive regiment of other treatments to have this success.

Does GcMAF work?

The answer is YES, it can have stunning effects if combined with an educated treatment plan, that resolves issues like inflammation, toxicity, deficiencies, hormone imbalances and stress. But on it's own it's just as ineffective as all the other hyped cures.

I have visited many clinics and all of them offer a very clever program consistent of a multi facetted approach where GcMaf may play a role.

Dr. Saupe from the Arcadia clinic for example produces GcMAF in his own lab and administers it in combination with 10 other treatments.  He first checks Nagalase levels and many other factors and only if all parameters are right adds this treatment to the program. His success rate is very good.

Dr. Rau didn't sell it to everybody. Only 4 out of 10 patients we know off where classified as suitable for GcMAF. The others were treated with different modalities. As all doctors confirm. “There is not one size fits all”

An Educated Approach

How about we forget all this hype and start practicing precision medicine instead of making wild claims. Let's honour the work of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. Fin Scot Anderson and many other world class doctors who dedicated their life to combine the best treatment modalities into one program that restores health.

None of them promoted any kind of cure and we should not disrespect their work by doing so. 

Precision medicine or functional medicine defines all causes of disease and then removes one by one to restore health. It's like chipping away all the things that prevent your body from healing. Yes this is an approach which requires more brains and education, but it's certainly superior long term.

Comments (3)

  • Boryana Desheva

    Very informative material. Please, comment GcMAF Bravo Probiotic that Dr Connealy from The Truth about Cancer is talking about?

    • MF

      Hello Boryana
      GcMaf has been promoted as a “cure” for a long time and it has it’s validity if you have a high nasalase index. Some patients have responded very well if their nasalase levels are tested as extremely high. In combination with high dose of Vitamin D3 and other supplements like Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium it can activate your immune system so that cancer cells can be addressed. I have witnessed 2 patients out of approximately 20 where it made a difference. As it is quite expensive it’s worth while to test your nasalise before you buy it. This is with pure GcMAF injections 2 x a week. The result of the yoghurt has not proven as successful. I have not heard of any results and several clinics stopped using it.

      • Michael Wetzler

        Am very interested in your work.
        Would appreciate a more direct discussion.
        Am a doctor using holistic approaches to cancer including gcmaf, which I am not sure about, though has had some results in my patients



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