How to TRULY HEAL in 2015

The TRULY HEAL team wishes you a stunning and successful 2015. We are determined to help you in the best possible way  and have put together a step by step process for you to follow.

Here is how to TRULY HEAL in 2015

Lets use 2015 as the year of self reliance to initiate a process that truly heals your body, your life and the world. In the following letter we have outlined a few of the most essential steps to take in order to TRULY HEAL. Each of these steps is necessary and reduces the risk of false investments and lost time manyfold. 

Find a partner, coach or doctor to work with!

Trying to heal cancer outside the conventional vortex of mass destruction is very scary and often frustrating. Especially if health has not been a long standing passion. There are too many confusing factors that can make it difficult to find out what you need most.

You will also find a lot of contradicting information out there and if you are not well educated in this field you will get easily confused. That’s why a trained coach or a TRULY HEAL qualified clinic is the best solution for you to sort through all the issues that influence your health and recovery.

It is also much easier to see a problem from a non involved standpoint. Just like you can easily see the mistakes others make, so they can see much better where you need help.

Especially in a progressed stage it's crucial to work through the TRULY HEAL program with a health professional that has all the necessary tools, tests and treatments available to help you in the fastest way.


Less stress all under one roof

When dealing with cancer you will find that you need many different experts. This means you need a big team. To select the best and to get them to work under one umbrella is very difficult as each of them sees their field of expertise as the most important. They usually compete and make it very difficult for you to keep on track. 

If this is too scary or overwhelming we recommend the Paracelsius Clinic in Swiss  as they have the most comprehensive program available on the market today.

Due to ever increasing demand the  Paracelsius clinic has just expanded into a brand new building, designed with non toxic building materials in a pristine environment with parks, spas, pools, their own restaurant, massage and sauna rooms and sport facilities. The clinic itself is equipped with all the bells and whistles that you can only dream of and has  state of the art in the newest generation of local and full body hyperthermia, scanners, test equipment, laboratory and treatment devices.

The greatest benefit though is that you work with excellent doctors that have all a passion second to none. Every single patient that has visited the clinic so far had nothing short of absolute praise to tell about their commitment.

Why buying cures is not the solution

The reason why no one so far has found a quick fix or “cure” for cancer is because there are too many contributing factors.  Cancer is not caused by one single carcinogen or a gene defect. It is a complex disease which is caused by many factors. All these factors are different for each person so that a generalised treatment and quick fix will never work.

Some patients are sick because they live in a stressful relationship and don't know how to resolve this constant overload of cortisol. Others have adrenal burn-out or deficiencies that block some very important  healing pathways. Many patients have inherited DNA impairments that prevent the body from washing out toxins or other vital processes. Everybody is different or has a different set of causes that accumulate to the reason why someone is sick.

One cause alone can already be devastating, but think of the combined power of several  causes stressing your body to the breaking point.

You are in charge

There is only one way to TRULY HEAL.

Take responsibility for your own health and get into gear. Action is the mother of all change. Health dose not come on it’s own. It’s a process that needs to be initiated and followed through with persistence. Make 2015 the year of self reliance and get a good team behind you  to  keep you on the path and to motivate you to keep going.

But never trust your doctor or coach blindly. Check what they suggest, read up information on the internet. Search for evidence and let them explain what they suggest and why they think it’s important.

It is very difficult to find a coach or doctor that is educated in all necessary fields. Many have specialty subjects or financial investments which motivates them to sell you their products while they ignore other important factors.

That’s why we recommend that you work or with a highly educated TRULY HEAL coach who is fully qualified in all areas that concern cancer and many other degenerative diseases.  We have several health professionals just finishing the qualification and final exams and they are excited to guide you with competence.

If you have a passion for health and would like to help your local community to deal with cancer in an intelligent and very effective way, join the TRULY HEAL academy and become a qualified health coach.  This coaching program is second to none and will safe you years of research and expensive learning curves.

Determine the real causes

The best part of the whole program is to find and evaluate all possible causes. A TRULY HEAL practitioner will do that based on a questionnaire and with help of a few very targeted tests that show you exactly what’s out of balance.

This process is the most crucial of all as it gives you a roadmap to health. Every possible cause needs to be noted and evaluated for the danger it poses to your health.

This process needs to include “everything that makes you sick”

  • Physical

    • Inflammations
    • Deficiencies
    • Toxicity
    • Hormones
    • Infections
    • Gut health
    • Liver health
    • Food sensitivities, allergies
    • Dental health
    • PH balance
    • Oxygenation
    • DNA impairments
  • Vital 

    • Inherited Habits
    • Cultural habits
    • Lifestyle habits
    • Diet habits
    • Exercise habits
    • Environmental habits
    • Destructive habits
  • Mental

    • Beliefs
    • Trauma
    • Grief
    • Fear
    • Resentment
    • Relationship stress
    • Financial stress
    • Social stress
    • Career stress
    • The ability to deal with problems and conflict
  • Spiritual

    • Life purpose
    • Self awareness
    • Inner stillness
    • Passion
    • Motivation
    • Benefits to be sick

Resolve one cause after the other based on priority

A TRULY HEAL coach/practitioner who takes the time to work with you through all the necessary points above will have after evaluation a list of causes that need to be resolved. This list can be short or long but in any case it’s very different from person to person.

You may have a high toxic load from the work you do and some DNA impairments that prevent your body from detoxifying, while another patient has serious deficiencies, adrenal burnout and high stress caused by grief.  That’s why treating all patients in the same way is pure ignorance.

The list of problems and causes that are specific to you are evaluated and checked for priority. This is not an easy job as many of the factors influence each other. For example depression, aggression and other mood swings can be related to deficiencies or food intolerances. A high heavy metal toxicity can cause brain-fog, leaky gut and high inflammations and influence not only your digestive system and immune system but also your mental composure.

That’s where a well educated coach/practitioner or doctor is required. They can help you pinpoint the most urgent steps based on test results and your health history.

The greatest benefit in working the TRULY HEAL way through your list of causes is that you do not waist any time in trying some remedies which might be suitable for someone else but have no efficiency for you. Many patients who have chosen this path of a coached healing have saved thousands of $$$$ in the process simply by means of working intelligently on what’s wrong in their life instead of treating symptoms.

The other benefit is PEACE OF MIND. To have a well educated partner to help you in this process gives you certainty, saves you time and money and helps you to stick to the chosen path.

See how your life improves

As you work step by step through your list of causes and resolve them one by one you will see that your life improves drastically and continuously. With every problem that is resolved you feel better, have more energy and your mind and emotions clear up.

One of the highlights we have observed is that patients turn in the first week from grumpy or fearful stress victims into relaxed and approachable patients. In the second week they then open up heart and soul. As the toxins leave their bodies their mind and emotions clear up and some of them are hardly recognisable at the end of the 3rd week.

Resolving one problem after the other is also much more uplifting and motivating than anything else.

  • First of all …. YOU ARE IN CHARGE.
  • Second you can monitor your progress
  • Third …..  You can determine the pace of healing.

Celebrate your success and transformations

We all have a tendency to see the bad and to complain about the problems we face. The TRULY HEAL program encourages a patient to celebrate each problem that has been resolved. Celebrating a reduced heavy metal toxicity, a new discovered sound sleep or fresh developed energy are important milestones in any healing process.

These progresses show you that you are on the right paths to truly heal the causes of your disease.

TRULY HEAL on all levels

As I had mentioned already above we do not only focus on physical problems but also on resolving for example a crappy relationship and resentments as they can be as toxic as the food you eat or the house you live in. That’s why all TRULY HEAL clinics, doctors and coaches will help you on all levels to thrive and have success in healing.

The new form of medicine which is incorporated into the TRULY HEAL program will teach you to turn every challenge and every problem into a blessing and an opportunity. We even teach you to be grateful for the adversities you face in life.

This part of the healing is unprecedented and a gives a huge advantage to the TRULY HEAL program. As Dean Ornish said: “ Give a person tools to handle life and their body heals”.

Stocktake at the end of 2015

Changes take a while to set in. Century long bad diet habits, chronic inflammation, deficiencies… are not resolved in a few weeks. It takes a while for the body to rebalance, refill the sources and initiate the healing process. Physical and mental issues are a slow motion process. Therefore be not deterred by a slow progress. (Rome wasn’t build in one day either! :))

Simply celebrate every little step towards your goal and watch and see how your life already has been transformed.

Comments (2)

  • Kym Tutell Meyer

    Good article. There is a typo. You used the word safe when you meant to use save in regarding to how a person can save money using a coach.

  • Susan Burger

    Thanks so much Marcus for all you and your team does to spread the word about how to Truly Heal. And support those of us who are practitioners in the health field as we try to educate and share what's really possible.



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