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How to Remove the Cause of Fibromyalgia?

After my last post speaking about all sorts of chronic degenerative diseases I received many questions regarding fibromyalgia. Widespread fibromyalgia pain seems to be a very common problem.

When you search online you can't find a test, diagnosis or clear cut cause. They all say it's treatable with suppressive medication like painkillers, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants and sleeping pills but that's pretty much it. Unfortunately that most of these drugs also come with a host of even worse side effects like cancer, drowsiness, brain fog, and many other conditions which are usually not discussed.


In the main literature it's also mentioned that foods can cause a flair up of fibromyalgia symptoms are :

  • Aspartame. … (neurotoxin)
  • MSG and sodium nitrite. … (in combination with Aspartame a true nerve poison)
  • Caffeine. … (stimulant – usually only bad if combined with Dairy and Sugar)
  • Sugar. … (pro inflammatory / feeds pathogenic bacteria)
  • Dairy. … (pro inflammatory / breeds pathogenic bacteria)
  • Gluten / Grain.  (pro inflammatory / allergen / aggregate)

Like most other diseases it's the UGLY TRUTH that health always started in the gut.


A well known other cause, which seems to worsen the problem is heavy metal toxicity. Most patients suffering from advanced stages of fibromyalgia also have been contaminated with Mercury, Cadmium or Aluminium, which does not exclude other heavy metals like Arsenic and Lead.

If you have not read  this article please do so. DENTAL TOXINS (Mercury) as Cause of Cancer and other degenerative diseases!
In this article Dr. Mutter from Germany shares how heavy metals increase the toxicity of pathogenic bacteria by factor 20000. This explains why, when you have heavy metal poisoning and add bacteria overgrowth on top, the toxic overload can be off the richter scale.

Some patients develop fibromyalgia, others have psoriasis or chronic fatigue and someone else may develop cancer. The cause is always the same. It's a sequence of events, which results in different symptoms.


  • Your food causes inflammation, which in turn destroys the mucosa of your gut.
  • As soon as the mucosa is inflamed it can not be penetrated with oxygen and becomes acidic.
  • Lack of oxygen and acidity prevent your immune system from repairing of the mucosa.
  • This leads to leaky gut which means undigested proteins and bacteria can enter into your blood stream.
  • Bacteria flooding your body release neurotoxins, which cause a systemic allergic reaction often expressed with pain.
  • Bacteria and undigested proteins settle preferably in joints where they create a local inflammation.
  • Pathogens are boosted and made lethal by heavy metal poisoning which worsens the pain.
  • Pain in joints stop you from exercising which further supports an acidic anaerobic environment where bacteria thrive.
  • These pathogenic bacteria slowly infect nerves, joints, muscles and organs leading to different symptoms.


CHANGE your diet!

Obviously the first step is to stop eating anything listed above without any exception. Not even a small cheat can be excused. Believe me I tried to go half way and it never worked. Once your body is sensitised there is no half way. Gluten, Dairy and Sugar are the worst and need to be eliminated at once.  The effects of changing your diet will take a while. I felt the difference after week 4 when all my symptoms dropped away like they were never there before.

REPAIR your gut!

Please refer to this article and heal your gut with ozone rectal insufflations and by drinking ozonated water.  Flood it daily with an energised mix of Oxygen and Ozone to kill off pathogenic bacteria and to strengthen your healthy bacteria. The Oxygen will help your immune system in the oxidative burst to repair tissue and to kill bacteria that should not be there.

Be aware that while you still eat the above listed foods all efforts to heal are negated. Treatment without diet change is fruitless because you feed the enemy. There are many other supplements to support your healing process like glutamine and Aloe Vera you can find in this article

DETOXIFY while boosting your immune system

Getting rid of heavy metals and the neuro toxins produced by your bacteria is a key factor. Best pathway is the skin. Sweat it all out to avoid overloading your liver. Start gently to prevent a herxheimer reaction. Then add Hyperthermia to the mix to increase your white blood cell count and to flag your pathogens with heat shock proteins. This way you enable your increased white blood cells to find them faster and to eliminate them.

Flood the body with oxygen either through ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, exercise or while breathing oxygen during hyperthermia. All methods of increasing Oxygen are supportive of the healing process. Add some exercise and movement to the protocol so that your system can respond much faster to the healing process. You can slowly increase as you get better.  Avoid over exertion as it causes increased inflammation, which is not helpful.


It would be great if you could share your healing story below. We all learn from each other and your learning will help many others. Let us know what you eat, how you feel and how the treatments help / have helped you.

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