GAPS Diet In Brief

Interview with Meme Grant

GAPS Practitioner. Nutritional Therapist. FNTP


I never thought to admit this, but it's now week 2 on chicken and bone broth and my gut feels like never before. I have lost 4 KG and feel mega amazing. Sometimes I really wonder how much we get used to being in pain.

Over the past 5 years I have done every diet that promised to help me loose weight. 3 weeks on green juices, 3 weeks water fasting, weeks of steak and salad, HCG diet and so on. All with big hopes and massive expectations but none with big success. The 3 weeks water fast was the worst. I only lost 3K which I had on the 2nd day after going back to solids.

Then I stopped eating GLUTEN and DAIRY and ALMONDS and EGGS and lost 30KG in total over a period of about 7 months without eating less. In fact I ate almost more.  I simply left most of the foods I am sensitive to away.

Unfortunately does this not mean I am healed. My gut probably still looks like a bucket with many holes and undigested food goes immediately into the blood stream. I notice that when I have  just the tiniest bit of food I should not eat.

For example did I drink a smoothy which had almond milk in it …… BANG. I was knocked out as if I had a fight with Mike Tyson, a concentration span like Dory and I felt sick as a dog.  it took me 3 days to really recover and regain my mental faculties. Just imagine I would walk around the whole time with such a brain fog.


Originally we started this whole escapade into Gaps as a means to reduce inflammation but I feel this is much bigger than i thought.

Over the coming days I will try to get a few gaps people to share their experience with us. I am certain this will be helpful for all.

And now last but not least my attempt to make lamb bone broth.

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