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Patient Intake and Questionnaire


Functional medicine examines the biological and functional aspects of a person’s being from their birth to the present, in order to find and remove all compiling root causes of disease.

This process can take a long time as all the different systems of the body must be examined, tested and observed. If you also add all lifestyle factors, habits and emotional or psychological aspects this task can be overwhelming

For those of you who have done an intake like this, you’ll know its easy to get lost in piles of notes for many different areas of life. It's also easy to forget or skip certain areas of concern which is not in the favour of the patient.

The complexity of such an intake requires a very organised structure and a very detailed note taking tool so that you can find afterwards everything of relevance. Especially if you have not seen a client for a while, you don't want to work through all of your notes again to remember whats important to do next and what requires urgent attention. 

The TRULY HEAL APP will streamline this process.

All good consultations involve a thorough questionnaire. Establishing a baseline for the patient and highlighting key aspects of a person’s health that need to be examined. In fact establishing this thorough and complete baseline is the only way to fully grasp the complexity of disease and establish effective treatments plans that address the root causes of disease.

Practitioners that do this properly are able to easily distinguish which functional tests are required and continuously maintain an overview of the patients overall health status.

This is what differentiates a good practitioner from one that only treats symptoms.

In the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine App we have implemented a very comprehensive questionnaire that you may complete with your patients in 2 to 3 sessions. This will help you establish the baseline of trust which allows you to give them the most relevant suggestions to achieve a very fast and lasting result.  If you want to use your own questionnaire and attach it that's possible as well. Important is that you check all different systems and so not leave out mental and emotional components as well as lifestyle choices. 

Our questionnaire is built up in a systematic manor looking at the basic physiological processes first, then examining habits and lifestyle factors and finally looking at the emotional and psychological standpoint of a patients wellbeing.

The video shows some of the key topics covered in the TRULY HEAL intake questionnaire and how this information then easily translates to the overall treatment approach of a client.

This sample questionnaire has been filled out with a client over a couple of sessions to demonstrate the functionality of the app in a client intake evaluation.

Everyone does an intake in his or her own way. However we have found that when patients have to fill out an extensive questionnaire by themselves, it most frequently results in the practitioner going back and asking most questions again to receive honest and awakened responses.

Therefore the best success is achieved when the intake is filled out with the client and practitioner. This also establishes a good rapport.

Due to the length of the questionnaire it is easier to break it into 2 or possibly 3 different sessions, using the information gathered in each area to address urgent underlying causes.

Another reason this technique is effective is that patient most commonly are not willing to share everything until rapport has been built. This is especially true for questions regarding habits, lifestyle and emotional issues.

Using the TRULY HEAL App and flagging notes with specific indications (Alarm, Pathology, In Treatment, OK, Team Notes)  enables the practitioner to quickly see which area requires which form of attention. This is one of the most useful features in the App as it enables the practitioner to see an overview of the patient’s health in one single overview.

Cause finding is the most successful and rewarding form of treatment for both the practitioner and patient. It requires a thorough knowledge base and comprehensive overview of a patient’s health status. This overview must encompass all aspects of a persons being, including the physiological, lifestyle and psychological aspects of health. To maintain this overview you can use the TRULY HEAL App to ensure that you do not miss out on anything that could be important. The TRULY HEAL App is the most advanced and comprehensive cloud based functional medicine patient filing and informational database in existence and supports you every step of the way.

Alice Morgaan - Naturopath

There is nothing to compare this software to. In a way my whole library of books, my research papers and personal notes are neatly sorted in one program. I can even manage my entire clinical setup including patient appointments, patient filing, to note taking.  Its a program that always supplies me what I need in just a few clicks.

The new addition of the questionnaire with explanations and guidance has further streamlined my patient intake and makes this software the perfect  partner in my clinic. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Danielle Grenner MD Oncology

The amount of information implemented in this app is incredible. I have not seen anything alike. This software is practical, detailed and extremely complex. You can check in a matter of seconds symptoms, suitable tests and treatments for any system that requires attention. 

The best part of the APP is that every practitioner who uses the app can send in suggestions and protocols which turns this functional medicine app into a collaborative database second to none.

Jeramy Kamien MD

When I decided to look into functional medicine I was amazed by the complexity this type of medicine requires from a practitioner. You have to be proficient in so many areas of health that it's scary.

YET with this APP it's NOT. It allows me to practice like an expert in every field. It enables me to look up symptoms, causes, implications, relevant tests and know the most effective treatments. In most cases it even has relevant research at hand.  This software is the medical tool of the future .