Boost Your Clinical Success With the  Functional Medicine APP!

The TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP is designed to make your life easier, providing you the platform, resources and functionality to treat chronic degenerative diseases proficiently and effectively.  Functional medicine is not complex, it is not more difficult, it is simply a new way to look at health and disease.

You don’t need a special degree or a master’s in detective work. All you need is a systematic and logical approach to uncover the underlying causes of disease.

Think of the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP as an extension of your memory and expertise.
It helps you find every symptom, cause, test and treatment for every underlying cause of disease.

The TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP includes a comprehensive database of symptoms, causes, tests and treatments to support the functional understanding of a patient. Sorted for convenience the database is easy to navigate and constantly evolving. By following the systematic database protocol you can be sure that no rock is left un-turned, no avenue of treatment hasn't been explored and your successful outcome is assured.

Comprehensive Client Intake Questionnaire / Timeline 

The Questionnaire and Timeline integrated into the TRULY HEAL APP enables every health professional to get a detailed and comprehensive baseline of a patient’s health status.

Patient intake is one of the most important components of a successful clinical outcome as it sets the groundwork for targeted and patient unique therapies.

Everything is prepared for you to be successful with your clients.

Detailed Analysis of all Body Systems

The TRULY HEAL App contains information regarding all relevant bodily systems. Thereby supporting a practitioner to lead a patient to health no matter where the issue lies.

This in depth cause finding approach to the various systems in our body enables specific treatment and a unique understanding of the underlying roots of disease.


In Depth Lifestyle Analysis and Solutions

Lifestyle choices lead to either health or disease. Our Lifestyle habits contain the very core of who we are, these habits govern our unconscious actions, our daily movements, actions and patterns.

These must be analyzed and understood as they play an integral role in our health. We are a product of our actions. However patients are rarely conscious of these actions.

Therefore the TRULYHEAL Functional Medicine App enables a practitioner to explore all avenues of a patient’s lifestyle health.

The TRULY HEAL App provides information, suggestions and support to aid a practitioner’s lifestyle recommendations.

Find, Understand and Treat the

Causes of Disease

There are several common denominators to disease. Each patient  has one or a combination of these underlying factors affecting their health.

The TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP sheds detailed light onto Systemic imbalances, Inflammation, Deficiencies, Infections, Toxicity and Psychological Health

With every cause and imbalance resolved the patients innate ability to heal is bolstered, they feel better and move down the path to true healing.

Years of Expertise at Your Fingertips

Health is a very complex subject and requires a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise in many different areas of health and wellbeing. It is easy to forget important factors that can lead to disease or prevent a recovery. With the help of the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP this problem is reduced to the minimum.

The TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP guides through the process of cause finding and provides lifetimes of experience and knowledge at your fingertips. All symptoms, tests, treatments and research studies are compiled into a single program that leaves no room for error.

Unique Note Taking and Flagging System to Enable Quick Overview

Sorting and flagging your notes will provide you an immediate overview of your patient’s current state. Be aware of information you flagged for later reference, notice patterns for cause finding, see notes created by colleagues and know where to continue every time your patient walks through your door.

The TRULY HEAL APP offers a comprehensive note taking tool to organise and manage your case files, pathology results and treatment observations.

Filters allow you to conveniently and efficiently navigate through your notes immediately seeing the key points. No more searching through piles of paperwork, looking for test results, notes and recommendations, the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP will do the hard work for you.

Alice Morgaan - Naturopath

There is nothing to compare this software to. In a way my whole library of books, my research papers and personal notes neatly sorted into one program. I can even manage patient appointments, patient filing, to note taking.  AND its a program that always supplies the research I need in just a few clicks.

The new addition of the questionnaire with explanations and guidance has further streamlined my patient intake and makes this software the perfect  partner in my clinic. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Danielle Grenner MD Oncology

The amount of information implemented in this app is incredible. I have not seen anything alike. This software is practical, detailed and extremely complex. You can check in a matter of seconds symptoms, suitable tests and treatments for any system that requires attention. 

The best part of the APP is that every practitioner who uses the app can send in suggestions and protocols which turns this functional medicine app into a collaborative database second to none.

Jeramy Kamien MD

When I decided to look into functional medicine I was amazed by the complexity this type of medicine requires from a practitioner. You have to be proficient in so many areas of health that it's scary.

YET with this APP it's NOT. It allows me to practice like an expert in every field. It enables me to look up symptoms, causes, implications, relevant tests and know the most effective treatments. In most cases it even has relevant research at hand.  This software is the medical tool of the future .

Everything you need in one APP


The TRULY HEAL functional medicine app works with any device.  All you need is a browser to log into your SSL 256 bit encrypted database. Access your clients from anywhere in the world and from any device


This cloud-based program is an evolving database that is fueled by the collaboration of its users. This means that the app will never become outdated continually improved as collaborators add information. This is by far the most advanced and exciting new tool in our industry.

Use the TRULY HEAL functional medicine app to book and manage all your appointments. Create patient profiles with ease, add pictures for identification and use the calendar to schedule your time. If you use a patient booking system the calendar function can easily be turned off in the settings.

The obvious choice for every health professional.

The incompetence of many health professionals in dealing with chronic degenerative disease will become even more obvious when this app changes the landscape of functional medicine. There is no hiding any more!

The way in which symptoms are suppressed to give a short term relief is staggering yet common in the medical industry. This app will help many health professionals to determine the root causes of disease and to become the one stop shop for patients that seek professional solutions.

Most excitedly I love that this cloud-based program is an evolving database that is fueled by the collaboration of its users. This means that the app will never become outdated continually improved as collaborators add information. This is by far the most advanced and exciting new tool in our industry.

Visa Teja MDMumbai India
I have wished for a tool like this in all my 42 years of practice.

There is so much to remember that no one can blame practitioners for specializing into a specific field. Yet who keeps an overview? Who is in charge of the whole patient? Who navigates the client towards health?

This is the first time that all relevant information is streamlined in one easy to use application. Practitioners are able to maintain an overview of their entire patients health. They are able to conveniently utilize the evolving database and input patients info into relevant categories. It is the ultimate functional medicine tool that will change the way patients are treated world wide. Thank you for your dedication and passion to make such a tool available to our industry. It sorely needed.

Tobias Backstrom MD, ND, Nut MED

One software that answers all my prayers.

This professional and smart program offers the most comprehensive cause finding process I have ever seen. It contains a questionnaire, timeline, followed by a logical and in depth investigative protocol that covers all major causes of disease.

With it I have streamlined my patient management, ensured in-depth questioning and cause finding. The notes have enabled me to see the big picture and know how to proceed during each follow up appointment. The program has become an integral part of my clinical practice and I am happy to recommend it to any of my colleges. 

Aquilino Veliz ND MD "