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Yes the TRULY HEAL ozone generator can be used for medical purpose. The only difference between our device and the German devices is that they are inspected regularly and tested for the accuracy of the output. We do not offer this service. This means when your flow rate changes for whatever reason then you may get a different strength of ozone / oxygen mix.

When the device is delivered to you we operate within + – 2% which is absolutely tolerable in medical use. But if you drop the flow regulator this value might change. Also when you use industrial oxygen which may contain from very old tanks some rust particles this may block the flow regulator and cause variations.

I am very careful here in pointing out risks but I want to be careful in advising medical treatments to layman and want to make sure you are aware of the risks.

Please read this article to be aware of the possible dangers of direct IV ozone treatments. http://www.ozonedoctor.net/images/pdf/american.pdf

We offer 3 different Oxygen flow regulators.

O3 OZONE Medical Oxygen Regulator from trulyhealMEDICAL Flow Regulator

Te medical regulator is internationally the same . Whether you live in USA or in Germany of UK the medical connector is always the same.

You will need a medical prescription for Oxygen to get this bottle but it's usually quite easy to attain. Every naturopath or medical practitioner can prescribe you medical oxygen and we recommend you to ask for it.



O3 OZONE Industrial Oxygen Regulator from trulyheal

540 Industrial Oxygen Flow Regulator

The 540 is suitable for industrial Oxygen in USA, Canada and China. This regulator connects to industrial oxygen bottles used for welding. The oxygen is 99.5% clean as listed by the relevant supplier. Please check with your supplier and try to get a rather new bottle.

The industrial tank is filled from the same reservoir as the medical brother but is made from steel instead of aluminum.


T11 G 5/8″ Industrial Oxygen Flow Regulator

The 540 is suitable for industrial Oxygen in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany with locally purchased adapter. Your Oxygen supplyer will have an adapter. Just take the regulator with you when you get your bottle.

The oxygen is 99.5% clean as listed by the relevant supplier. Please check with your supplier and try to get a rather new bottle.

The industrial tank is filled from the same reservoir as the medical brother but is made from steel instead of aluminum.

Product description for O3 Super Bundle:

Setting Up Your Ozone Clinic At Home:

5 Most Popular Home Treatments With OZONE:

To learn about different protocols go here:

You can find all accessories here: 


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