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FAQ – Should you avoid doctors?

By all means NO. Doctors can be very helpful. It's not the question whether you should work with a doctor but rather which one.

How do you select a good doctor? How do you know if the doctor is up do date? How do you know if the doctor is just a copycat with none or little experience?

We have interviewed hundreds of doctors and if you ask me where I would go myself, there would not be many on the list. It's not that they do not mean well but many simply follow the common trend and try treatment modalities which are inn at the moment. Or they just hook you up with a load of IV's and hope that one of them will do the trick.

There are many hype treatments that make it into clinics around the world only to be discarded after a year or two when they did not prove successful. Until then they are advertised as the latest breakthrough. Some therapies are now hyped in Mexico even though they have been discarded in Germany 5 years ago because the mortality rate went up and not down.

Cancer as well as Lyme and all other chronic diseases are not designed for a 3 week cure. You can not expect to go to a clinic and get fixed like a car. Health is a process and not an event. That's why it's so crucial that you educate yourself and find a doctor who is willing to work with you long term and helps you to repair the real problem that made the disease possible in the first place.

But you will only be able to know whether your doctor is one of the good ones when you know what to look for. As soon as you are educated and know what it important to know, you can make a healthy and good choice.

Here are 3 tips Dr. Fin Scott Anderson told me 10 years ago. 

  • If you encounter a fanatic, promoting a particular cure, WALK AWAY
  • If they tell you they have a high success rate, TURN AROUND and don't look back.
  • if they say “we get results in a short time”, RUN as fast as you can

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  • Thanks Marcus! What you are saying in this video is so important. The way I see it is finding a good doctor is similar to buying a car. The majorities of people don’t just walk into a car dealership and say I am buying this car, let’s sign up the paperwork. No, they go in and ask several questions. They want to find everything about that car. They even go to another dealership and ask more questions about another type of car because they want to make sure that they are making the right decision for their actual needs. But on the other hand, we walk into the doctor’s office and all of a sudden we become stupid. We can’t make our own decision and are afraid to ask questions and challenge what we hear. We have to learn to become as vigilant about our health as we are when we are buying materialistic things. People should be doing as much researches if not more about finding the right decisions and treatments for your illness and degenerative diseases as they are for buying a car… or something else.

    I am really happy to have found Marcus years ago and to be a certified Truly Heal coach. I am now taking new clients and I can work with you long distance too.

    You can see my profile here:

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