Message from Marcus Freudenmann

Sometimes things don’t go the way I want them to and the more I push the harder the it gets. The past 8 weeks especially felt this way as everything seemed to conspire against my plans for our "Hands On Workshop Tour".

The first sign was that I had picked the wrong weekends per city. For example the London flower show at the same weekend as the workshop mucked up all our bookings. Vancouver had to be cancelled all together because other events had booked all hotels and Hawaii fell into the holiday season which moved the prices out of budget. When we wanted to change the weekends around hotels cancelled our room blocks. Managers changed hotels and no one knew why we were upset that no one got back to us. In a way it felt like being stuck in the mud.

Already this string of events should have given me a hint that I am working against my guardian angels but I did not see it this way and was stubborn. So the universe sent stronger signs which came in form of a letter from a lawyer who pointed out that "hands on" meant that I would offer treatments to people who may be in critical condition.

Before Dana Point I argued that his concerns were not relevant because these treatments can be done by healthy or sick as they only boost the immune system. Unfortunately after Dana Point I have to agree with his assessment.

Some of our attendees were very sick. Even the read-out of the toxicity and deficiency scan confirmed severe conditions. Especially in such a condition it's important that you start treatments very carefully and slowly to avoid a strong herxheimer reaction.  Some of these patients did not do only 1 x 15 min PEMF treatment per day as suggested but 3 or 4 treatments on both days to take advantage of the different devices. This lead to herxheimer reactions you could easily control at home by giving yourself a break but at the event many were scared to miss out.

In our online training I teach you to ease into a treatment. Start slowly. Listen to your body and observe reactions. At the workshop this seemed impossible. We therefore have to cancel all hands on workshops and to refund your payment. You will see the payment reversed into your account in the coming 4 to 5 working days. We are very sorry having to do this but the risk outweighs the benefits for both of us.

We have now decided to rather create complete and comprehensive training programs including webinars for each device and share with you all treatment protocols that you can do at home without the stress of missing out.

We will keep you informed as soon as they are published.

Kind regards


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Who is Marcus Freudenmann?

A man on a Mission. Let's bring medicine back to the people and make it easy to understand!

Inspired by a friend's cancer diagnose Marcus has researched everything integrative, holistic and alternative medicine has to offer for the past 15 years. Together with his wife and 4 children he traveled for over 4 years from one cancer clinic to the next searching for the best treatments, latest discoveries and cutting edge solutions.

Marcus has a wealth of information to share and has inspired millions of people around the world with his seminars, workshops and common sense videos (over 3 million views on YouTube alone ). He has produced the bestselling documentary "CANCER is curable NOW" and co-authored the book "HEALING CANCER with COMMON SENSE"

Together with his wife Sabrina ND he founded the TRULY HEAL academy where health coaches and health practitioners from around the world learn how to use Functional Medicine to reverse chronic degenerative diseases. ​Marcus offers many programs for patients, coaches as well as health professionals to speed up their awakening to a simple form of medicine which provides lasting results.

Marcus is a very passionate and inspirational presenter who has empowered many individuals to reverse even end-stage cancers, thrive in their recovery and to enjoy their life to the fullest. He is very critical of false claims and promises and equally accuses alternative as well as conventional medicine of ignorance when it comes to selling cures. Get ready for a firework of information you want to know!