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Dr. Yvette Tan – Brisbane, Queensland

Dr. Yvette Tan is a general practitioner with more than 15 years experience, currently practising out of the Wishart Medical Centre in Brisbane.

She graduated from the National University of Singapore  (NUS) in 1993, achieved her Masters in Family Medicine (NUS) in 2000, and gained her fellowship into the Royal Australian College of GPs in 2001. Though schooled in allopathic medicine, she has always had a deep respect for the innate healing capacity of the body and strived to learn all that she could to harness this for herself and her patients.

Dr. Yvette has been mostly self taught in this area of alternative medicine, learning from a wealth of information that is available on the web, and has benefited from the generous teachings of ‘out of the box’ doctors and natural healers such as Dr Klinghardt, Dr Mercola, Dr Gary Gordon, Dr Bill Walsh and Dr Keith Scott Mumby. She is grateful for the Truly Heal coaching program which helped her consolidate her learning and sharpen her skills as a coach for her patients.

“I get very excited when I am given the opportunity to facilitate growth in a person, to help him awaken and to heal so that he can achieve the highest health, peace, joy, in order to live his life to his fullest potential.”

“As a Truly Heal coach, I want to be able to help my patients achieve the best possible health outcome for themselves using a holistic approach, regardless of their starting point – well, acute illness, chronic illness, terminally ill.  I want to  support them effectively through their health journey by firstly awakening them to the possibility of healing, then through a comprehensive assessment including relevant testing, then recommending cost effective nutritional, physical and lifestyle strategies whilst also supporting their emotional and spiritual growth in this process. In particular,  I love to work  with the worried well who are feeling a loss of confidence in their health, or are feeling helpless about their future health prospects, as well as the patient with complex medical issues who have been through the health system many times over and have still not found a resolution to their health predicament.”

You can read more about Dr. Yvette Swee Lian Tan and her approach to medicine along with the resources that have informed her via her website, www.healthfullylivefully.com


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